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Ofsted Reports

Please find below our most recent Ofsted reports, and relevant information from the Department for Education Performance Tables.

Ofsted School Inspection Report May 2019

Comments from Ofsted Report May 2019


"Teachers and pupils have very strong relationships.  Teachers understand the needs of pupils and create learning opportunities that lead to good progress. Lessons are characterised by very purposeful learning and high achievement."


"Staff successfully deliver leaders' vision of a school where adults and pupils 'aim high, build confidence and love learning.' Teachers develop ambitious, self assured and curious pupils who are proud of their achievements."


"The school's strong promotion of emotional well being promotes pupils social, emotional and mental health."


The Lead Ofsted inspector reported to the governors that "the school was a beacon to all other schools." He also commented that we gave the children "a rich literacy heritage."


Ofsted Monitoring Inspection Report October 2018

Comments from October 2018 report

"Strong values and the school vision, ‘Aim high, build confidence and love learning’, are enshrined within all aspects of school life. Pupils are confident and resilient learners, who are well prepared for the next steps in education. Pupils love coming to school. "


"Across the school, you have ensured that high-quality teaching meets the needs of all groups of learners. "


"Warm relationships between pupils and their teachers underpin their highly positive attitudes to learning. Pupils work very well together. They are very polite and well mannered. They are articulate and confident when engaging with adults. Pupils behave exceptionally well, both in lessons and around the school. "


"Parents’ views are highly positive... [They] were fulsome in their praise of all aspects of school life."

Ofsted School Inspection Report

Comments from October 2014 Ofsted report:


" The behaviour of pupils is outstanding.  They listen carefully during lessons and work well with each other.  Teachers have very high expectations of how pupils should behave and they do not expect anything less."


"Pupils show excellent attitudes to school and have a love of learning."


"The school's interesting and well-balanced curriculum is a particular strength."


"Parents are pleased with the school and say that it is a welcoming place where their children feel happy and safe.  Parents particularly value the very committed teaching staff and the rage of opportunities offered by the school."


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