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Year 6 Curriculum, Autumn 1

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Year 6 Curriculum, Spring Term 2  

Mike Mullen BMX Academy - Growth mindset through BMX

Today we had an assembly and a Masterclass in BMX from Mike Mullen. The challenges helped us to step out of our comfort zones, to Flearn(learn from our mistakes) and to build our growth mindsets. It was such great fun, so enjoyable and such a good opportunity to build on life skills and resilience.

Using the new Fitness mats

Today in the PE lesson the children all trialled the fitness mats, completing circuits and encouraging each other.

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Maths Key Instant Recall Facts


Maths Key Instant Recall Facts

Key Instant Recall Facts.

These are the number skills and strategies that we would like your children to be familiar with as good foundations for Year 6 mathematics.

It may be that your child already meets our expectation in one or more of the suggestions but I hope you can work together by choosing other options from the list to work on. Each area can be extended in many ways.

I appreciate that some children will need to just choose a couple of these to concentrate on in order to make the best progress.

The KIRF for Year 6 this half term are:

  1. To have very quick recall of all times tables facts up to 12x12
  2. To have good recall of division facts associated to these times tables eg Do you know 42 divided by 6 equals 7 from 7x6=42?
  3. Name 2D and 3D shapes and be familiar with their properties
  4. Conversions between units in  capacity, length and weight eg 100cm=1m
  5. Number bonds to 100 and  the use of these in mental arithmetic eg 39+61=100

We will use and apply all these in metal arithmetic and in our problem solving and reasoning.

Thank you for your support. If you have any questions please do ask me.


Power point from the Year 6 Parents' SATs information meeting

Maths Key Instant Recall Facts Year 6 Spring 2 2016


As you will read in a letter to all parents which is being sent out after the half term holiday we are introducing Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFs) in each year group which we hope the children can practise at home to support our fluency in Maths work in school.

For Year 6, this half term please could you work on

  • all times tables to make sure they are instant recall

  • number bonds to 100, 1000

    e.g know 34+66=100, 342+658=1000

  • 2 decimal place number bonds to 1 and 10

    e.g. know 0.34+0.66=1.00, 2.59+7.41=10.00

The best way for your children to practise the number bonds facts is by being efficient at counting on in multiples of 1,10,100.

Thank you for your support. Please do ask me, or ask the children to ask me, if you have any queries.

G Lumsden