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Curriculum Parent Workshop 15th January 2019


"I found the workshop very informative and interesting. The presentations were engaging and helped me to understand more about how my children's learning is structured.  I feel very informed about the curriculum at Hertingfordbury and confident in how it is delivered. Thank you." Key Stage 1 and 2 Parent


"Excellent evening, extremely informative and presented in a very professional and friendly way."  Key Stage 2 Parent


"I feel I have a firm understanding of the values and directions of the school and am so happy that our family is able to be part of it."  Nursery Parent


"It was very helpful to learn  about the curriculum and how our children's learning is built upon year on year."  Key Stage 2 Parent


"It was amazing to listen to all of you and your passion and enthusiasm shone through as a team."  Key Stage 2 Parent




I visit over 100 schools per year with my BMX Academy work so experience all sorts of school environments and I have to say I really liked the atmosphere at Hertingfordbury.  Pupils were lovely, staff were enthusiastic and I felt the school had a nice friendly community feel.  All very important factors for child development and sometimes a rare thing to find.  (Mike Mullen BMX Academy)

A huge thank you for your excellent hard work and dedication to making Hertingfordbury a truly outstanding school.  I am constantly impressed with all that you do and feel so blessed to have such an amazing school on our doorstep.  (Parent)

Thank you so much for all the hard work you do and the great results you achieve with our children.  They have had wonderful first years at Hertingfordbury.  They love coming to school and have both come on leaps and bounds this year!  (Parents)

I attended the church service this morning.  I just wanted to say what a beautiful service it was.  The children were impeccable and the singing was so lovely, particularly the choir.  Thank you for a wonderful experience.  (Auntie of child in school)

Thank you so much for giving up your own time and investing so much energy and effort to provide our children with an amazing experience at Brancaster.  We really appreciate it.  We have seen a huge improvement in our child's organisation and self care so these trips really work.  (Parent)

Thank you for being such an outstanding Head and leader at Hertingfordbury.  We, as parents have really appreciated your methods of leadership and for upholding the Christian values that we believe in.  Our experience at the school has been phenomenal!

(Parents of ex pupil)

We could not have wished for a better well balanced school with Christian values!

(Parents of ex pupil)