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Cultural Day

Hertingfordbury had an exciting day celebrating different cultures, communities and countries-all with a World Cup theme! Each class chose a country to focus on and the day's activities, and their outfits, were all based on that particular country. There was some Portuguese dancing; French snail maths; Brazilian sambas; English flag making; Japanese art; Australian traditional games; Egyptian writing; Nigerian fact finding, and much more! We were very fortunate to welcome some parents into classes who had experience living in another country. The children had a great day and all learnt so much about the wonderful and diverse world that we live in!

Our classroom doors are now book covers!

Launching our Reading for Pleasure and November Readathon

BMX Academy

On Monday 20th March we had a fantastic visit from Mike Mullen from BMX Academy; Mike is a world champion BMX rider and visits schools to help them learn about growth mind sets.  We enjoyed a brilliant whole school assembly learning about confidence and positive thinking, as well as watching some tricks from Mike.  He even managed to jump over four teachers on his bike! 


The years 5 and 6 had a BMX workshop where they battled their fears to ride BMX bikes and learn a few tricks!  It was an inspirational day that we will all remember and use to help us as we grow in our learning.

Christmas Music Workshop

Our annual music workshop was enjoyed by our current orchestra, past pupils, parents, grandparents and staff alike.  After practising some carols and Christmas songs, and eating the odd mince pie, we performed to parents.


Planetarium visit

Dr Mark Gallagher from the University of Hertfordshire visited our school with a planetarium.  We were all amazed at what we saw!  We learnt about constellations and the journey of the Earth around the sun. 

National Poetry Day - Thursday 6th October

Today we have been celebrating poetry.  Nearly every person in the school has brought in their favourite poem and we have displayed them for everyone to read.  We also enjoyed an assembly together, even the teachers shared their favourite poems!  Mrs Bullock (and her dog) made a guest appearance with a video link!

Mrs Bullock's chosen poem

Still image for this video

We walked from the space station to Earth!

Some of us ran...some of us walked...everyone had fun raising money for the school by walking from the space station all the way back to Earth.  It was lovely to see the older children help the younger ones - what a team effort.  We were thrilled to be joined by a very enthusiastic spacewoman encouraging us from the side line!  Many thanks to the Friends for all their hard work in organising it.  Well done Hertingfordbury!

Parent Science Workshop

What fun the parents had at our recent parent science workshop.  We began by listening to a talk from Professor Louise Archer of King's College London about her research on Science Capital.  We learned about the importance of 'talking and doing' science at home and found out that we are all scientists!  After a talk by Helen Sizer about the school's science curriculum and approach to teaching and learning, the parents were encouraged to try out various kitchen science activities.  This launched the school's home science challenge for British Science Week.  Parents and children...can you become home scientists?  What might you find out...

'I Pray Your Prayer'


During the Autumn Term the children were focussing on the theme of prayer during our collective times of worship.  We were learning why we pray, where we can pray and how we pray.  Using Rivanne Neuanschwander’s interactive art, ‘I wish your wish’, as inspiration, we are each writing a prayer for someone or a situation.  These prayers are being written on ribbons which are displayed in the school; later in the year we will give out the prayer ribbons, children will receive different ones to the one they wrote, and the ribbons can be tied onto their wrist as they pray and take them home. 


We would welcome any prayers from parents, simple one lined prayers beginning, ‘I pray for...’ that can be written on the ribbon.  Should you wish to write and share a prayer you are very welcome to hand it in at the school office where it will be collected and written for you.

Ark Farm Visit to Early Years and Year 1

Wet but wonderful!