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Ash - Year 1

Welcome to Ash - Year 1!


Welcome to our class page. We would love to share our learning with you.

2016 - 2017

Forest School is great!


We have been learning about autumn in our beautiful school grounds at Forest School.  Year 6 joined us in the afternoon for our campfire.  What fun!  Many thanks to all our helpers.

We have been 'Learning to Learn'!

Year 1 have been learning about the brain.  We found out that it looks a bit like a cauliflower, smells like cheese and feels like jelly.  We made a 'class' brain by becoming neurons and built learning pathways using skipping ropes.  We imagined what our brains look like inside.

2015 - 2016

Space to Earth sponsored walk

We thoroughly enjoyed helping the school walk all the way from the space station to Earth.  Most of us ran...some of us walked!  A brilliant job done by all - well done everyone.

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Spring has arrived!

We went out to look for signs of spring with Year 4.  Look what we found!  We were especially excited to find frogspawn in our pond. 

We made bird's nests!

We discovered that the birds are beginning to build their nests around our school grounds.  Mrs Sizer challenged us to become birds and build our own nests!  It was a lot harder than we thought it would be.   

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Down Memory Lane - Part 2

We have continued our topic by looking at the history of toys.  What fun we have had!  We brought in our own favourite toys to share.  Then we brought in some of the toys that our parents and grandparents played with and made our own class museum.  We also had a visit from Hertford museum who brought in lots of old toys for us to play with.  It was really interesting finding out what they were made of and how they worked.  We all thought they were a lot more fun than our computer games! 

Down Memory Lane - Part 1

This term we have been enjoying our topic 'Down Memory Lane'.  We started by looking at the history of shops and found out that there weren't big supermarkets when our grandparents were little.  The shops were much smaller and usually only sold one type of product.  We had fun making our own drapers, grocers, hardware and toy shops.

Reverend Alan came to visit Year 1

We enjoyed a visit by Reverend Alan to our class.  Before his visit we wrote lots of questions that we wanted to find out about Jesus.  Reverend Alan helped us understand more about the early life of Jesus. 

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Year 1 enjoyed welcoming year 6 to their classroom to read to them!

Look...we have some class pets!

This week we had seven new additions to Year 1...African land snails!  We are learning how to care for them and will be observing how they change over time.  If you would like to keep some snails yourself, look out for our instructions coming very soon.  Now we need to decide what to call them.

Outdoor Learning at Forest School

We enjoyed our first Forest School session, looking for signs of autumn.  There were lots of different coloured leaves, conkers, acorns and berries.  We discovered that the leaves seem to be falling off some trees but not on others.  We will oberve carefully over the next few weeks to see what happens.  What signs of autumn can you see?     

All Creatures Great and Small!


This term we have been enjoying our topic 'All Creatures Great and Small'.  A couple of weeks ago we had a visit from Ark Farm and learnt all about the different features of farm animals and how to care for them.  What fun!  Afterwards we wrote our own information books about farm animals and shared these with the children in Oak class.

Do fish have fingers?

One of our favourite lessons this term involved looking at the structure of fish.  We explored herring and noticed that fish have gills, fins, tails, scales, mouths, teeth and eyes.  Afterwards we recorded our findings with scientific drawings - they were fantastic! 

Wonderful Wodson!

We enjoyed taking part in the Infant Agility Festival at Wodson.  Look at our amazing sporting skills!

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