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Cedar - Year 5

Year 5 enjoyed a busy morning, building moving bridges as part of a KNEX challenge. They worked together to design and create their unique bridges, ensuring that they had a moving part and were able to hold a weight! Well done to all the children who worked hard throughout the morning, especially our class winners, Sam and Aaron!
Ancient Greek Day Spring term 2017

Welcome to Year 5!


Recently the whole class took part in an inter-school sports competition at Wodson Park, Ware. The children had the opportunity to try various different sports and did remarkably well, bringing home several medals!


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We have been learning about historical places in the county of Hertfordshire. We are focusing on St Albans and Hertford and recently took a trip to visit the St Albans Cathedral and the Verulamium Museum. Both places are built on important historical sites. The cathedral was built on the site where Saint Alban, the first Christian martyr, was killed, and the museum is located where the Roman town of Verulamium was once built.


To link with our RE topic, we learned about the importance of pilgrimages to the shrine of Saint Alban. The children were given roles in which they had to make offerings to the shrine and talk (in role) about what bought them to the Cathedral. Some were giving thanks but others were asking for forgiveness! 

Trip to St Albans

Trip to St Albans 1
Trip to St Albans 2
Trip to St Albans 3
Trip to St Albans 4
Trip to St Albans 5
Trip to St Albans 6
Trip to St Albans 7
Trip to St Albans 8
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Trip to St Albans 10
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Trip to St Albans 12


In Year 5 we have been learning about the Ancient Greeks. We took part in a Greek Day where we tried Greek food, listened to Greek music and made Greek puddings!

The class also took part in Greek style games and made some Greek style pottery.

Greek Day pictures

Greek Day pictures 1
Greek Day pictures 2
Greek Day pictures 3
Greek Day pictures 4
Greek Day pictures 5
Greek Day pictures 6
Greek Day pictures 7
Greek Day pictures 8
Greek Day pictures 9
Greek Day pictures 10
Greek Day pictures 11

Gravity Egg Experiments



In Year 5 we have been learning about gravity. We tried an experiment to see if we could beat the force of gravity! Could we drop an egg from a height and stop it from breaking? 


Working in teams of four, we used a range of materials to build a contraption that might help the egg float or glide - and something to cushion the impact.


We had seven groups. The egg smashed in five of the groups but two groups managed to successfully protect the egg. We discussed air resistance, parachute designs and cushioning effects. We also thought about whether it would be easier or harder to do this experiment on the moon (less gravity but no air)...