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Rowan - Year 3

Our Reading Area

Mrs May has been very busy creating a great reading area in the year 3 classroom. Last term, to fit with our topic, our reading area was transformed into a cave. The children have really enjoyed sitting the cave to read their books. As our topic has now changed, so has our reading area. Our cave has been transformed into Mount Vesuvius to fit in with our Roman theme.

Picture 1
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Meet the Flintstones

Year 3 really enjoyed their topic, Meet the Flintstones, last term. The children worked hard, and learnt a great deal about the Stone Age to the Iron Age. Here are some pictures to show their learning.

Light and Shadows

Last half term Year 3 spent their Science lessons learning about light and shadows. One of their favourite parts of this topic was discovering how shadows are formed.  

Burwell House

Year 3 had an amazing time on their trip to Burwell House. Here are some pictures to show the wonderful things that they did whilst they were there.

Forest School

Year 3 were very fortunate to have the opportunity to combine their love of outdoor learning and their current topic of the Romans by participating in several themed Forest School sessions. The class seemed to particularly enjoy learning Roman marching chants, legionary battle formations and cooking Roman toast over the campfire.  

The Sunshine has arrived and we have been making the most of it by taking more of our learning outside. We have used the quiet garden to look at shadows as part of science, got our brains and bodies moving while applying our knowledge of fractions in maths and used the playground space to rehearse some of our alternative fairytale role play. 

Space to Earth Challenge

As part of a whole school event our class took part in a challenge to run, jog and walk around our school field. We had an enjoyable time and helped the school to raise money towards resurfacing our school playground. We were surprised and excited to find out that between our class and Reception we helped to raise 50% of the total money raised. This means we will have £100 to spend for our class!! :)

We were very excited to go on our first school trip away from home to Brancaster. We enjoyed many activities and were even able to combine our prior learning about the Romans with some of them.
Spring Term
This term we have had a fantastic time learning about the Romans. We worked together to make a class mosaic, looked at Roman foods and houses and had a great time on our Roman outdoor day.

Autumn Term

Welcome to our class page. We have enjoyed an exciting half term getting to know each other and our new classroom.

We have thought about what makes a great classmate and decided on some 'class jobs', so we can all contribute to making our classroom a HAPPY place.

Picture 1
Our topic has been focused on forces and magnets. This has involved lots of hands on investigation and exploration! We have made windmills, tested objects on different materials and looked at magnetic and non-magnetic objects.

What can magnets do?

After writing our instructions for a playground game we were able to try them out with the YR1s. This was a great opportunity to see how effective our writing was (some more successful than others) and to introduce some inventive new games. Overall a very positive experience. smiley