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Willow - Year 4

Welcome to Willow Class - Year 4!


Welcome to our class page! We will be sharing some of the exciting and interesting learning that we do at school, on this page.

Willow Class of 2017-18
March 2018
March 2018

Sport relief

We all ran a sponsored mile to raise money for Sport Relief. It felt good and we raised a healthy sum.

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Pen pals

We opened our pen pal letters in our 'air raid' shelters and enjoyed all the news from our friends at Nether Edge School in Sheffield.

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Picture 2

Brancaster 2018

Our three-day trip to the National Trust centre at Brancaster in Norfolk was just brilliant. We did so much and experienced the most wonderful environment and wildlife.

Onsie Upon a Time

We loved our school Onsie Upon a Time Day. There's nothing better than a good book and a cup of hot chocolate! It gave us the opportunity to share our favourite stories and authors. Hope you like our class door of The Hobbit book cover!

When the unexpected strikes!

We managed to capture some wonderfully enormous hail stones. They took ages to melt in our hands.

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Ear gongers

Our investigations into sound continued. We were amazed to discover that sound travelled best through solids.

The Servant King

As part of the Easter story, we re-enacted Jesus washing the feet of the disciples. 

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February 2018

Reading by torch light

We have been racing into school with our torches to read in our class Anderson bomb shelter reading corner. We have regularly experienced life in a World War 2 air raid with real sirens. Our desks have made great shelters (we couldn't all fit in the Anderson)!

Exploring sound

We had great fun (and made so much noise) trying to work out if something needed to move to make a sound.


We used the beautifully illustrated book Moonbird by Joyce Dunbar and Jane Ray to inspire us in our work on sound.

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What was that you said?

In Science our topic has been sound, and we made some cracking string telephones.

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The Last Supper

In RE we have been learning about the Easter story and why the day Jesus died is called 'Good' Friday. 

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Picture 4

What am I?

In English we have enjoyed writing and reciting riddles.

We are Viking raiders!

Our Viking topic day celebration has been great fun!

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Willow Class Vikings


Viking and Anglo-Saxon Art Masterclass

Artist Jef Winter visited Willow Class to teach us how to draw soldiers. We worked on improving our sketching skills. It was great fun and we learnt so much.

January 2018

Our Viking homework

We did our own research on Viking longhouses and constructed our own at home. Our class settlement was rather large, when we brought them all in!



Thank you Nether Edge

We love receiving news from our pen pals in Yorkshire.

Thank you.AVI

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Opening our letters

Water, water everywhere...

In science, we have been learning about evaporation and how long it takes clothes to dry. We also filtered water to understand how our drinking water is cleaned and recycled.

Keeping fit and healthy

A visit to Wodson Park has kept us active and helped us to practise our athletic skills.

Setting sail

Our new Viking Longship reading area, has helped immerse us in our new topic, Helmets, Beards and Horns.

Dramatic history

We have been playing the part of Beowulf, the legendary Viking hero made famous in the epic Anglo-Saxon poem of the same name. We have been creating our own heroes and mythical beasts, ready to write Norse myths.

Getting technical

We have started to make our own Viking longships... more to follow soon. It's taking a while...

Welcome to 2018 and our new topic!

It's goodbye to the Egyptians and hello to the Anglo Saxons and Vikings in our new topic, Helmets, Beards and Horns.

December 2017

All Wrapped Up

Our special Egyptian day finished off our All Wrapped Up topic perfectly.

Picture 1
Picture 2

In true Egyptian style...

We feasted on our homemade bread and danced the afternoon away. It was great fun.

Our museum catalogue

We thought you might like a closer look at the artefacts we re-created.

Opening our Egyptian Museum

We were very proud of the authentic Egyptian artefacts we'd researched and re-created ourselves. Our museum visitors enjoyed the experience.

A baker's dozen on Egyptian Day

Making bread was great fun, but messy!

Willow Class of 2016-2017

Rye Meads

Here are some pictures of our recent class trip to Rye Meads. We took part in lots of exciting activities; lots of learning and fun was had by all!

Our Charcoal Drawings

I am completely blown away by the beautiful charcoal drawings done by Year 4. The children focused on one particular animal and looked at the texture and 'light and shade' of their skin/fur. We explored the different markings that could be created by charcoal and this is the outcome...WELL DONE Year 4! I am a very proud teacher.

Land, Sea, Sky

Our classroom has turned into 'Land, Sea, Sky' for our topic about animals and their habitats. 

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Picture 3
Picture 4


When Willow Class arrived at school last Monday morning, there was a letter awaiting them from none other than...Wallace and Gromit! The letter explained that all of the designs for their 'Cracking Contraptions' have been stolen and therefore need some new designs to showcase at the invention show that they are attending next week. They stated that they needed some well written and clear explanation texts to go with them so they can present it at the show. Therefore, Year 4 have been very busy designing their own 'Teacher Pleasers' and writing some fantastic explanation texts to go with them. To help with our task, Wallace and Gromit sent over some official 'inventor' badges... 

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Picture 2

Science Ambassador Visit 

Year 4 had some visitors last week...Mrs Sizer and Neil, the STEM Ambassador! We had a great science workshop, looking at whether arched or straight bridges work better, where we developed our investigation and enquiry skills. We really enjoyed using our imagination and creating bridges just out of A4 paper and cellotape. Many of our bridges did not work first time, but we were able to persevere and learn from our mistakes. We realised that the structure of arched bridges holds more weight and is therefore stronger and more stable. Thank you for visiting Year 4!  

The Life Bus

The school had the wonderful opportunity to go into the 'Life Bus' where we met Nancy and Gerald the Giraffe. They taught us lots of very interesting things about the body and what we can do to keep it healthy. Then, we took a ride to a planet where everybody was exactly the same; they all shared the same interests, they all looked the same. This reminded us all how special diversity is and how it's great to be different!  

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Burwell House

Year 4 have just returned from their fantastic trip to Burwell House. Here are some pictures showing some of the exciting things we got up to! 

Amazing Egyptians

A little taster of the song, 'Amazing Egyptians' that Year 4 performed so well in our class assembly. 



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Spelling Spectacles 

We LOVE using our new 'spelling spectacles' to help us check and correct our spellings, after we do a piece of writing...


We are really enjoying learning all about the Vikings and the Anglo Saxons in our topic, 'Helmets, Beards and Horns.' We recently learnt about the magnificent Viking longboats and made our very own! They look great hanging up in our classroom. 


Snap Science

At the end of last term we really enjoyed having a camera crew from Snap Science film our science lesson. The children were fantastic and blew everyone away! 

Our Visitors!

We are very happy and excited to welcome Mr Roughan and Miss Chaytor, who are student teachers from the University of Hertfordshire. They will be spending every Thursday and Friday with us until Christmas, and will then be back in March where they will be spending every day with us! Welcome to Willow Class! 


Picture 1
What sort of world did Jesus want? 
As part of our R.E. learning, Willow Class have been looking at the question, 'What sort of world did Jesus want?'. We looked at Mark 1:40-44 in the Bible, where Jesus cared for and healed a man with leprosy. The children thought carefully about what the story tells us about how to behave. The class decided that the key message is that we should 'always be kind' and 'treat others how we would want to be treated' which was a lovely thought to conclude the school's Christian value of the month 'friendship'. The children demonstrated their understanding of the verse through drama and freeze frame. 
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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Dahl Delights 
What a fantastic first few weeks we have had in Willow Class!  We have all settled in well to our new class routine and are already well underway with our learning and our topic 'Dahl Delights'. 
We have been incredibly busy learning all about the important process of 'digestion'. We created the digestive system as a whole class, with children representing each essential organ. We used paper to represent the food, water to represent the saliva and fluids and then a dustbin as the 'toilet'. We then used the knowledge gained to recreate the digestive system organs using play dough! What great (and fun!) scientific learning took place. Well done Willow Class!
It's not just science...the children have really been working hard in all subject areas! 
Picture 1 We've been learning about digestion
Picture 2 We've been trying to get the BFG a girlfriend!
Picture 3 We've been using our problem solving maths skills
Picture 4 We've been thinking about what world Jesus wanted
Willow Class of 2015-2016

Key Steps Gymnastics Competition


On Monday 23rd May, 6 of Willow class went to Sele School to take part in a gymnastics competition with local schools from Hertford and Ware. The children worked very hard leading up to the competition, practising during their lunch and at homes. Their hard work paid off as they came third place; receiving a bronze medal.


Well done guys!

Trip to Rye Meads!


We have just returned from our class trip to Rye Meads bird sanctuary; what a fun-filled and exciting day it was!. The day started with some pond dipping where we looked closely at some of the invertebrates that live within the habitat. The second half of the day consisted of being real bird watchers and looking at ways to identify particular birds and their preferred environment, whilst also exploring local food chains within the habitat.


We all thoroughly enjoyed our day. The rain did not dampen our spirits or our enthusiasm for learning! 

Land, Sea, Sky

We have had a wonderful first week back, getting stuck into our new topic which is all about living things and their habitats. I wanted the children to create animal portraits using charcoal and texture. The children developed their contrasting skills and were able to use 'light' and 'shade' within their pieces.


I am absolutely blown away by the outstanding work that they produced. 

Space to Earth Challenge! 


This week we were lucky enough to join our school in the 'Space to Earth Challenge' where we aimed to run the distance from the international space centre to earth; we did just that! The children really got stuck in and all tried their very best. They worked together as a team and encouraged each other throughout the afternoon which was wonderful to see and an absolute privilege to be apart of. A massive 'thank you' from Willow Class to the Friends for organising such a fantastic event; much fun was had by all! 

Year 4 Trip To Brancaster!


We have just got back from our wonderful residential trip to Brancaster in Norfolk. We had so much fun taking part in many activities and learning about the area and the habitats that live in them. We got very muddy (some more than others!) in the Coastal Safari where we explored the salt marshes; we recapped our knowledge on the Romans and partook in a battle; we went on a discovery trail where we walked along the beautiful Norfolk coast and battled our way through the reed beds which actually make up 5% of the reed beds in the UK and finally we went on a nature trail at the majestic National Trust property 'Holkham Hall'. 



Flash, Bang! 


We are all really enjoying our new topic, 'Flash, Bang!' where we have been looking at how sound is produced and travels. In the next few weeks we will be going on to explore electricity! 


Last week, we used our enquiry and research skills to see how sound travels through a medium. We used string and paper cups to make string telephones and then went outside to see if they would work! 


We found out that the sound travelled through the medium if the string was pulled tight but that the sound did not work if their was a knot in the string; It stopped the vibrations! 

Helmets, Beards and Horns!


From creating our own 'Missing' posters, researching and then writing reports on the Viking Longship to making our own fantastic Viking longboats, we have been very busy this half term learning through our topic 'Helmets. Horns and Beards'. 

Here are some of the pictures from this half term, in Willow Class! 

Picture 1 Our longships!
Picture 2 Erik the Viking is missing. Have you seen him?
Picture 3 Viking maths interactive display

Dahl Delights


We have really been enjoying our topic 'Dahl Delights' and have been incredibly busy doing lots of learning, whilst also having lots of fun!


Here are some of the exciting things we have been doing: We have skilfully created BFG dream catchers; we have thought about our own dreams and written incredible autobiographical accounts for our beautiful 'dream bottles'; we have made a 'lonely hearts advert' for the BFG who is looking for a girlfriend and we have also created our own Roald Dahl illustrations, in the style of Quentin Blake! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
In science, we have been learning all about the digestive system. We have been using our enquiry and investigation skills to work out what happens to our food after it enters our mouth!

Where does our food go?