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2019-2020 Academic Year

David Walliams - There’s A Snake In My School!

David Walliams - There’s A Snake In My School! 1

Hi Beech Class! 👋🏻 


I have made my first video story for you to listen to, please just click on the link to take you to the Video Resource Centre and press play!

I hope you enjoy it! 👍🏻


I will be updating the home learning on 20.04.20 (after the Easter holidays) but if you haven’t managed to do everything I have given you so far then don’t worry, you could keep going over the holidays if you have some spare time. 😊


Have a fantastic Easter break, keep emailing me and I will see you all very soon! 

Miss Whitbread 🍎 

Your Home Learning


There are different headings to show your home learning below. I wonder if you can use your knowledge of non-fiction books to find your photos by using the headings to help you. Have fun looking at your classmate’s learning too!


(I will continue to add to these headings as you email more of your activities to me so keep checking back regularly!)


Cool Computing!

Cool Computing!  1 Hugo’s Popplet Challenge
Cool Computing!  2 Harrison’s Popplet Challenge
Cool Computing!  3 Freddie using Zoom to communicate with his friends

Exciting English!

Exciting English! 1 Letter writing
Exciting English! 2
Exciting English! 3
Exciting English! 4 Handwriting practise!
Exciting English! 5 Spellings practise
Exciting English! 6
Exciting English! 7
Exciting English! 8 Love of reading
Exciting English! 9
Exciting English! 10 Letter Writing Challenge (part 1)
Exciting English! 11 (Part 2)
Exciting English! 12

Marvellous Maths!

Marvellous Maths! 1
Marvellous Maths! 2
Marvellous Maths! 3
Marvellous Maths! 4

Super Science!

Super Science! 1 Healthy Eating Challenge
Super Science! 2 Biscuit Dunking!
Super Science! 3 Spaghetti Tower!
Super Science! 4 Bouncy Eggs!
Super Science! 5
Super Science! 6 Slime!
Super Science! 7 Healthy Eating Challenge!

Other Home Learning Activities

Other Home Learning Activities 1 Face painting
Other Home Learning Activities 2 Artwork
Other Home Learning Activities 3 Exploring where we live in the world
Other Home Learning Activities 4 Beautiful miniature garden!
Other Home Learning Activities 5 Healthy meal plan
Other Home Learning Activities 6 Creative Lent activity
Other Home Learning Activities 7 Healthy eating game
Other Home Learning Activities 8 Painting
Other Home Learning Activities 9
Other Home Learning Activities 10 Baking. Yum!
Other Home Learning Activities 11
Other Home Learning Activities 12
Other Home Learning Activities 13
Other Home Learning Activities 14
Other Home Learning Activities 15

Joe Wicks Keeping Us Fit!

Joe Wicks Keeping Us Fit! 1
Joe Wicks Keeping Us Fit! 2
Joe Wicks Keeping Us Fit! 3
Joe Wicks Keeping Us Fit! 4

Easter Gardens

Easter Gardens 1 Llana
Easter Gardens 2 Sebby
Easter Gardens 3 Joshua
Easter Gardens 4 Freddie
Easter Gardens 5 James
Easter Gardens 6 Hugo
Easter Gardens 7 Zoe
Thank you for sending in photos of your amazing and creative Easter gardens. I will continue to add photos to this section as I receive them, so please keep them coming! 

E-mail me!


Hello Beech Class!


I do hope you have all had a fantastic week and have been looking through and having a go at some of the home learning tasks that I shared with you. I would love to know what you have been getting up to this week and now there is a way you can let me know! We have a special class e-mail address which has been set up especially so you can share your learning, or anything you want me to know or see really! The email address is, and although I won’t be able to reply to your messages, I would absolutely love to receive and read them. I may even be able to put some of your pictures on our class page for all of your friends to see too! All you need to remember to do is tell me your name and date in the email and say if you are happy for the pictures to be shared on the website. It’s as easy as that! I can’t wait to hear from you. See you all very soon! 👋🏻 


Miss Whitbread


P.S. Check back on the class page every day to look out for my updates and messages! 

Please find home learning activities and tasks to complete during our school closure. This is on a PDF document to make it easier to save or print if you wish. You will also find links to all of the accompanying documents below. Happy home learning!

Class Assembly

Baby Visit!

Baby Visit! 1
Baby Visit! 2
Baby Visit! 3
Baby Visit! 4
Baby Visit! 5
Baby Visit! 6
Baby Visit! 7


To kick off our new topic 'Staying Alive', we thought about things that babies need to survive. We then thought about some questions we might like to find out about babies and invited a real baby and their mum to come to Beech class! We were then able to ask our questions to a real expert (thank you Mrs McDonald!) and recorded the answers carefully in our books. This was a brilliant real life experience to get our topic going!


To end our topic, we has a fantastic visit from David at Perform4All. The theme was 'Around the World' which complimented our current learning brilliantly. The children went on an imaginary journey around the world, exploring a range of countries along the way. There was a lot of music, dance and drama to bring it all to life. I wonder if your child can tell you which part they enjoyed the most?

The Life Bus

The Life Bus 1
The Life Bus 2
The Life Bus 3
The Life Bus 4
The Life Bus 5
The Life Bus 6
The Life Bus 7
The Life Bus 8
The Life Bus 9
The Life Bus 10
The Life Bus 11
The Life Bus 12
The Life Bus 13
The Life Bus 14
The Life Bus 15
The Life Bus 16
The Life Bus 17
The Life Bus 18
The Life Bus 19
The Life Bus 20
The Life Bus 21
The Life Bus 22
The Life Bus 23
The Life Bus 24
The Life Bus 25
The Life Bus 26
The Life Bus 27
The Life Bus 28
The Life Bus 29
The Life Bus 30


We were visited by Ellie and the Life Bus today where we talked about our body, feelings and medicine safety. We first looked at what our body needs to stay happy and healthy. This included sleep, food, water and exercise. We then thought about our own feelings along with the feelings of others. This included facial expressions and body language. The session was based around Harold the giraffe and his exciting adventures. The children even got to give him a little stroke and a cuddle when they left the bus! What a brilliant way to start the week!

In our gymnastics sessions we have been working on balancing, movements and improving our core muscle strength. It is great to see the children's confidence levels growing and the ability to self assess the risks in their activities. Well done year 2!

Meerkat Mail!

Meerkat Mail! 1
Meerkat Mail! 2
Meerkat Mail! 3
Meerkat Mail! 4
Meerkat Mail! 5
Meerkat Mail! 6
Meerkat Mail! 7
Meerkat Mail! 8
Our writing this week was inspired by the book 'Meerkat Mail' by Emily Gravett. This is a book about a meerkat called Sunny who explores different countries and writes home to tell his family all about his adventures! We thought about what would happen if Sunny visited our school and created postcards to share the experiences. Have a read of some of the postcards above. Can you work out where Sunny is visiting in our school?

Phonics and Spelling!

Phonics and Spelling! 1
Phonics and Spelling! 2
Phonics and Spelling! 3
Phonics and Spelling! 4
Phonics and Spelling! 5
Phonics and Spelling! 6
Phonics and Spelling! 7
Phonics and Spelling! 8
Phonics and Spelling! 9
We like to be hands on in our learning, including in phonics and spelling! We have been exploring apostrophes for contractions using blocks to build the words. First the children needed to find two words, then match it to the contracted form. Did you know that contracting means getting smaller? 


Myths 1
As part of our geography topic, Beech class have been finding out about myths and using this to write their own. Here is an extract from one of the finished myths. 

Invasion Games

Beech class have been learning about the roles of attackers and defenders. It has been fun to participate in some team games, thinking about skills and strategies too. The children made some great links to their own experiences of team games such as football, rugby and netball. 

Money Madness!

Money Madness! 1
Money Madness! 2
Money Madness! 3
Money Madness! 4
Money Madness! 5
Money Madness! 6
Money Madness! 7
Money Madness! 8
What better way to learn about money than with a fun game of money bingo! 
We have been exploring different ways of researching. We compared the skills required to research in a book and online. The children had the opportunity to research facts about the 7 continents using both of these ways. They found it much easier to search online using keywords but it turns out that there is actually quite a lot of information on the World Wide Web, so it isn't always easy to find what you are looking for! They did an amazing job though and all of the facts they did find are now proudly displayed inside the reading hut. 

African Reading Hut!

African Reading Hut! 1
African Reading Hut! 2
African Reading Hut! 3
African Reading Hut! 4
African Reading Hut! 5
To continue to promote the children's love for reading, we now have an African reading hut in our classroom! There is a wide range of topic books to look at and explore. The hut is also full of facts that the children have researched themselves. Even Miss Hamilton was excited to pop in and have a read!

Starting Research...

Starting Research... 1
Starting Research... 2
Starting Research... 3
Starting Research... 4
Starting Research... 5
Starting Research... 6
Starting Research... 7
Starting Research... 8
Starting Research... 9
Starting Research... 10
Starting Research... 11
Starting Research... 12
Starting Research... 13
Starting Research... 14
Our new computing theme is about research. Using DKFindout! online, we have been seeing what we can find out about the continents of the world. First we looked in books and atlases, then we compared this to researching on a tablet. Both ways turned out to be quite challenging but we found some really interesting facts! Did you know that the temperature in Antarctica can be as cold as -80 degrees Celsius? 

The World is a Big Place

The World is a Big Place 1
The World is a Big Place 2
During the first half of the spring term, Beech Class will be learning about different continents and oceans within our geography topic. To extend the learning outside of the classroom, the children have been bringing in objects from around the world. So far we have a great selection of photographs, gifts, ornaments and traditional objects on display for all to see. It is amazing to listen to the children's conversations about their experiences and knowledge of the world around us. 

Exploring Number

Exploring Number 1
Exploring Number 2
Exploring Number 3
Exploring Number 4
Exploring Number 5
Exploring Number 6
Exploring Number 7
Exploring Number 8
Exploring Number 9
We have been using Cuisenaire rods to build bar models, thinking about the whole and the parts of numbers. This helped us to understand the inverse calculations and make links between addition and subtraction. 

Soft, Strong and Very Long

Soft, Strong and Very Long 1
Soft, Strong and Very Long 2
In our 'Soft, Strong and Very Long' topic, we have been thinking about materials and their suitability for different uses. Alongside this we have also been looking at the environmental aspect of waste and recycling. The challenge was to think about a plastic bottle and find a new use for it. The children planned and made their own creations. Take a look at the finished products! Next time you go to throw something away, think about whether you can reuse it instead!

Read in the Recycle Truck!

Read in the Recycle Truck! 1
To kick off our topic for autumn 2, our reading hub has been transformed into a recycle truck! This is to link with our materials learning for the next half term. 

Time Trekkers

Time Trekkers 1
Time Trekkers 2
Time Trekkers 3
Time Trekkers 4
Time Trekkers 5
Time Trekkers 6
Time Trekkers 7
Time Trekkers 8
This is some of the children's work during our history topic of 'Time Trekkers', along with a photo of our finished display. 

Remembrance Day Collage

Remembrance Day Collage 1
Remembrance Day Collage 2
Remembrance Day Collage 3
Remembrance Day Collage 4
Remembrance Day Collage 5
Remembrance Day Collage 6
Remembrance Day Collage 7
Remembrance Day Collage 8
Remembrance Day Collage 9
Remembrance Day Collage 10
During our topic we have been learning about World War 1. This included the end of the war and talking about why we have Remembrance Day. We linked these thoughts with art and decided to create some of our own poppies using collage. The children independently chose their own resources and arranged them in their own way. It was amazing to see how beautiful but different the end results were. 
This morning we had a visit from Javier at Legends Tennis. He showed us some basic tennis skills and gave us the opportunity to explore the game itself. We practised ball and racket skills, along with teamwork. It was as super session!
Along with our own school Harvest Festival, year 1 and 2 visited St Mary's Church to take part in a Harvest Experience. This consisted of a number of workshops lead by some fantastic members of the church. The workshops included finding out about different fruit and vegetables, exploring clay from the ground, listening to Bible stories and tasting some bread and biscuits. It was a great morning which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone! It helped us to reflect on how lucky we are for the food we have and to say thank you to God for providing it for us. 

Regrouping and Exchanging

In maths we have been looking at regrouping and exchanging. One way we explored this was through a game called 'Make 100'. Every time someone had built up 10 ones, they could exchange it for a stick of 10. Then the first one to reach 100 is the winner! It got a bit competitive but we all had fun. 
The first part of our 'Time Trekkers' topic was to learn the story of 'The Gunpowder Plot'. What better way than to make masks and act it out! We then performed our acts to the class, showing our confidence and demonstrating our understanding of the story. Can you identify any of the characters involved? 

Learning to Learn

Learning to Learn 1
Learning to Learn 2
Learning to Learn 3
Learning to Learn 4
To start our journey in year 2, we have been thinking about what it means to learn. We spoke about everybody learning in different ways and sharing our ideas to support one another. To represent ourselves as unique learners, we painted pebbles as fish. Our inspiration came from the book 'Only One You'. This is the finished interactive display. 
2018-2019 Academic Year

Clay Sculptures

Clay Sculptures 1
Clay Sculptures 2
Clay Sculptures 3
Clay Sculptures 4
Clay Sculptures 5
Clay Sculptures 6
Clay Sculptures 7
Clay Sculptures 8
Clay Sculptures 9
Clay Sculptures 10
Clay Sculptures 11
Clay Sculptures 12
Clay Sculptures 13
Clay Sculptures 14
Clay Sculptures 15
Clay Sculptures 16
Clay Sculptures 17
To finish our 'Hall of Fame' topic, Beech class made their own trophies out of clay. This is to celebrate all of the learning they have done over the last half term and to remind them of all the famous people we have met on the way. They will be finished with metallic paint.

Finger Puppets

Finger Puppets 1
Finger Puppets 2
Finger Puppets 3
Finger Puppets 4
Over the last few weeks the children have been designing, planning and making their own finger puppets. They have worked incredibly hard and have really demonstrated this month's Christian value of perseverance. They should be very proud of the way they built resilience and overcame challenges during the task, supporting one another too. Well done year 2!

Music Garden

Music Garden 1
Music Garden 2
Music Garden 3
Music Garden 4
Music Garden 5
Music Garden 6
Music Garden 7
Music Garden 8
Music Garden 9
Music Garden 10
Music Garden 11
Music Garden 12
Music Garden 13
Music Garden 14
Music Garden 15
Music Garden 16
Music Garden 17
Music Garden 18
Music Garden 19
Music Garden 20
Music Garden 21
Music Garden 22
Music Garden 23
Music Garden 24
Music Garden 25
Music Garden 26
Music Garden 27
Music Garden 28
Music Garden 29
Music Garden 30
Music Garden 31
Music Garden 32


This afternoon, Beech class spent time in the music garden composing and improvising with resources to create music. They explored with the different sounds they could make, then performed upon the stage to their peers. This was so much fun and the children used their creativity and imagination along the way!

Reflective Raindrops

Reflective Raindrops 1
Reflective Raindrops 2
Reflective Raindrops 3
Reflective Raindrops 4
Reflective Raindrops 5
Reflective Raindrops 6
Reflective Raindrops 7
Reflective Raindrops 8
Reflective Raindrops 9


In RE the children have been thinking about what makes them calm and relaxed. We talked about the raindrops falling and washing away our sins, bringing new, fresh starts. The children drew pictures of things that make them calm and relaxed then wrote about their pictures. We then hung them all up along the window for everyone to see. There are a few examples in the photos for you to have a look at. 

3D Shape Hunt

Year 2 have been looking for 3D shapes in the environment. The children drew and labelled what they found, then discussed the similarities and differences between the shapes. 

Famous People Parade

Famous People Parade 1
Famous People Parade 2
Famous People Parade 3
Famous People Parade 4
Famous People Parade 5
Famous People Parade 6
Famous People Parade 7
Famous People Parade 8
Famous People Parade 9
Famous People Parade 10
Famous People Parade 11
Famous People Parade 12
Famous People Parade 13
Famous People Parade 14
Famous People Parade 15
Famous People Parade 16
Famous People Parade 17
Famous People Parade 18
Famous People Parade 19
Famous People Parade 20
Famous People Parade 21
Famous People Parade 22
Famous People Parade 23
Famous People Parade 24
Famous People Parade 25
Famous People Parade 26
Famous People Parade 27
Famous People Parade 28
Famous People Parade 29
Famous People Parade 30
Famous People Parade 31
Famous People Parade 32
Famous People Parade 33


To start off our new topic, 'Hall of Fame', we all dressed up as significant people from the past. It was great fun to walk down the Beech class red carpet, and the children had time to talk about who they were and why they were, and still are, significant. What a great start to this half term's history topic! 


Mr Newton visited us today to show us what beekeeping is all about. We looked at some of the safety equipment that they wear and tried on the gloves and hat. It was fascinating to watch the bees at work in their hive! Mr Newton then kindly answered the questions we had (all 30 of them!). We had the chance to feel and smell real honeycomb and finished off the visit by tasting some set honey and runny honey. The runny honey was the most popular choice! It really was a fantastic afternoon, thank you Mr Newton!

Bee Art (Part 2)

Bee Art (Part 2) 1
Bee Art (Part 2) 2
Bee Art (Part 2) 3
Bee Art (Part 2) 4
Bee Art (Part 2) 5
Bee Art (Part 2) 6
Bee Art (Part 2) 7
Bee Art (Part 2) 8
Bee Art (Part 2) 9
Bee Art (Part 2) 10
Bee Art (Part 2) 11
Bee Art (Part 2) 12


Today the children continued with their bee artwork. Having practised using the pastels and chalks, they took all of the 'best' parts of their trial work and really thought about the shape and colours of the final bee. They used line, shape and light and dark colours to outline the wings and body, before adding the detail such as the stripes and legs. The finished products were un-BEE-lievable! You can see a few examples of the end results in the photos. They will also be on display outside our classroom after half term!


During our visit to Rye Meads, the children focussed on land habitat and pond habitats. In the morning we explored the different land micro-habitats, including logs, bushes, grasses and soil. We found lots of different minibeasts (which we now know are scientifically called invertebrates!) and discussed what made them suited to their habitat. We explored different features of the animals and the ability to camouflage to their surroundings. In the afternoon we spent some time looking at the pond minibeasts. By using a net we were able to scoop out insects from the water and identify them using a chart. It was amazing to see just how many different living things were inside one small area of water! It was fun reflecting on the minibeasts we had found and acting out their movements. What a fun-packed day we had!

Planters in Our Garden

Planters in Our Garden 1
Our seedlings have outgrown the classroom greenhouse, so we carefully replanted them outdoors into our planter in the KS1 outdoor area. We will continue to care for them by watering them often!

Bee Art (Part 1)

Bee Art (Part 1) 1
Bee Art (Part 1) 2
Bee Art (Part 1) 3
Bee Art (Part 1) 4
Bee Art (Part 1) 5
Bee Art (Part 1) 6
Bee Art (Part 1) 7
Bee Art (Part 1) 8
Bee Art (Part 1) 9
Bee Art (Part 1) 10
Bee Art (Part 1) 11
Bee Art (Part 1) 12
Bee Art (Part 1) 13
Bee Art (Part 1) 14


This afternoon, Beech class have been looking at artwork that needs to be completed in stages, also called layering. We thought about which insect is important in our natural world and decided the bee plays a vital role. This also links with our planting, as the children chose seeds which are pollinators and attract the attention of bees! Today we began by creating the background for our artwork. This involved using templates, cutting paper and printing a pattern using bubble wrap. We chose hexagon shapes to represent the honeycomb pattern! We talked about why bees would use this shape, and came up with the idea that it is because hexagons fit together well and make the most of the space they have.  Once we had created the background for our artwork, we practised drawing a bee using our observation skills of bee photos. This meant trying really hard not to make our bee look like a cartoon, but to keep it looking realistic and thinking about shape and proportions. Watch this space for the finished products!

Exploring Habitats

Exploring Habitats 1
Exploring Habitats 2
Exploring Habitats 3
Exploring Habitats 4
Exploring Habitats 5
Exploring Habitats 6
Exploring Habitats 7
Exploring Habitats 8
Exploring Habitats 9
Exploring Habitats 10
Exploring Habitats 11
Exploring Habitats 12
Exploring Habitats 13
Exploring Habitats 14
Exploring Habitats 15


Today Beech class explored different habitats to find things that are living, have never lived and have once lived. We looked in the wildlife area, the pond area and the quiet garden. We discussed that a wooden bench would have once lived as part of a tree, and that stones and concrete have never lived. We also thought about us having an impact upon living things, for example if we pick a leaf from a tree or a flower from the ground we are stopping it from being a living thing. Can you spot any living things in our photos? 

Summer 1 - Gardener's World

Summer 1 - Gardener's World 1
Summer 1 - Gardener's World 2
Summer 1 - Gardener's World 3
Summer 1 - Gardener's World 4
Summer 1 - Gardener's World 5
Summer 1 - Gardener's World 6
Summer 1 - Gardener's World 7
Welcome to our Beech class garden. This is our reading and display area for this topic. The children drew insects and animals that we might find in the garden, using books to research what they look like up close. Also at the start of the topic we planted seeds and as the seeds are growing, so is our display. The children drew a detailed picture of their own seed and are adding to it as their seed is growing. 

Easter Prayers

Easter Prayers 1
Easter Prayers 2
Easter Prayers 3
Easter Prayers 4
Easter Prayers 5


During the Easter church service this morning, some of the children in Beech class were invited to read out a prayer. These prayers were written by the children following our class R.E lessons and discussions about why Easter matters to Christians. This was a very proud and special moment!

Staying Alive

Staying Alive 1
Staying Alive 2

Easter Gardens

Easter Gardens 1
Easter Gardens 2
Easter Gardens 3
Easter Gardens 4
Easter Gardens 5
Easter Gardens 6
Easter Gardens 7
Easter Gardens 8
Easter Gardens 9
Easter Gardens 10
Easter Gardens 11
Easter Gardens 12
Easter Gardens 13
Easter Gardens 14
Easter Gardens 15
Easter Gardens 16
Easter Gardens 17
Easter Gardens 18
Easter Gardens 19
Easter Gardens 20
Easter Gardens 21
Easter Gardens 22


Beech class have been learning about the Easter story and looking at the key parts in the story such as Palm Sunday, Last Supper and the resurrection. For their home learning, the children made beautiful Easter gardens to show the part of the story when Jesus had disappeared from the tomb. There were such a great variety of ideas and it was brilliant to be able to share them with parents too. 

Non-Chronological Reports

Non-Chronological Reports 1
Non-Chronological Reports 2
Non-Chronological Reports 3
Non-Chronological Reports 4
Non-Chronological Reports 5
During our topic 'Staying Alive', Year 2 have been reading non-fiction books to find out all about how sharks survive. They used the text to find exciting and interesting information to help them to write their own reports. Here are some examples of the finished writing.

'The World is a Big Place' Display

'The World is a Big Place' Display 1
'The World is a Big Place' Display 2


Beech Class visited the 'Life Bus' today. Nancy talked to us about eating healthily, how our body works, being safe with medication and our feelings and emotions. We also met Harold (the giraffe!) who invited us to a special party with his friends! What a great afternoon!


To celebrate the end of our topic, Beech Class held an 'African Day'. The children (and adults!) dressed in brightly coloured and patterned clothes and spent the day discussing all that we had found out so far. We had an African themed arts and craft afternoon where the children made pasta and paper necklaces, crafted mud huts and made collages of the African animals we have learned about along the way! The children had the opportunity to explore some traditional wire toys and look at beautifully printed materials. There was even a Maasai headrest to test out! It was a fantastic day and will help us to remember our 'The World is a Big Place' topic well! Thank you to all of the parents who made such an effort with the outfits and to make this a special day for Beech Class. 


Today we celebrated Chinese New Year in Beech Class. We were lucky enough to have a visit from Mrs He who told us some fantastic stories. We listened to interesting information about the fortune envelopes, traditional family meals with dumplings and the dancing dragons and lions! One of the children even asked why we use chopsticks, which led to a fantastic legend being told. During the afternoon the children made dragon puppets and wrote some of their own wishes to hang on the wishing tree (or branch!). We thought about how this celebration was similar and different from our New Year's Eve celebrations. What a wonderful afternoon we had! 


Today, Andy (from Legends Tennis Centre) came to visit and taught us some exciting new skills. During the tennis session we thought about balancing, changing direction, co-ordination and team work. This was a fun and valuable experience and Beech Class loved it! 

Just So Stories


To tie in with our new topic, 'The World is a Big Place', we have started to look at traditional African myths, including Rudyard Kipling's 'Just So Stories'. The two books we have read together are 'The Elephant's Child' and 'How the Leopard Got His Spots'. The children then worked in groups to act out the stories in front of the rest of the class. We thought about expression and how the characters might be feeling at different parts of the story. Super acting Year 2!

A Midwife Crisis!


KS1 performed their first production of 'A Midwife Crisis' today. The children shared this magical Christmas story (with a twist!) through singing, dancing and acting. They worked so hard to remember their lines and positions and really did shine bright on the stage for both the school and the parents watching. A very big well done to both year 1 and 2 for their fantastic efforts! 

Rapunzel in the Forest


Today, Beech Class imagined what it would be like for Rapunzel to enter the forest for the first time after being locked in the tower for so long. The children moved around the wildlife area, carefully looking for interesting objects. They then used their experiences to think of some fantastic adjectives. Here are some examples;


Rustling leaves on the damp ground.


Squelching mud slipping under my feet.


Shimmering sunlight beaming through the treetops.


Great vocabulary Beech Class!


Today we had the pleasure of a visit from Mrs Pettengell who talked to us about the Hindu celebration of Diwali. We sometimes refer to this as the festival of light! We found out about the story of Rama and Sita and looked at some of the fantastic outfits that are traditionally worn on these occasions. It was fun passing around some special artefacts and asking some questions to further our knowledge of this special time too! 

Time Trekkers Display

Time Trekkers Display 1
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Unfortunately our history topic has come to an end. The children have been really excited and engaged during the lessons and have learnt so much about The Gunpowder Plot, The Great Fire of London and Remembrance. The display we created gives an overview of the learning that took place over the past few weeks. 

Remembrance Poppies

Remembrance Poppies 1
This week we have been reflecting on our learning of WW1 and thinking about how we remember our fallen soldiers. We created our own poppies from different collage materials and joined them together to form a wreath.  

Vid 1.mp4

Still image for this video

Vid 2.mp4

Still image for this video


Today, Beech Class gathered outdoors and set fire to the Tudor houses they had made during our topic. It was great fun to watch the fire spreading through the 'thatched rooves' and 'wooden beams', just like it would have done on Pudding Lane back in 1666!


At Wodson Park today the children had the opportunity to learn and improve on their physical development skills. They took part in activities using techniques such as jumping, throwing and balancing. These are skills the children have been able to bring back to school and incorporate into their weekly P.E sessions. 

Building Tudor Houses

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20
Picture 21
Picture 22
Picture 23
Picture 24
Picture 25
Picture 26
Picture 27
Picture 28
Picture 29
Picture 30


After identifying the features of a Tudor house, the children planned, built and evaluated their own house using cardboard boxes. They included thatched rooves, wooden beams and tall chimneys. See if you can spot the features on the models when you look through the photographs! 

The Gunpowder Plot

The Gunpowder Plot 1
The Gunpowder Plot 2
The Gunpowder Plot 3
The Gunpowder Plot 4


Today the children had fun creating masks of the characters in The Gunpowder Plot. They then acted out the story of Robert Catesby and Guy Fawkes planning to blow up the Houses of Parliament...with King James I in it! But Guy Fawkes got caught in the act by a guard and the plan was ruined. King James I was safe again! It was lovely to see the children getting into character and using different voices too. What a great way to 'Remember, Remember the Fifth of November'! 

Learning to Learn

Learning to Learn 1
Learning to Learn 2
Learning to Learn 3
Learning to Learn 4
Learning to Learn 5
During the first two weeks of term, Beech Class have been thinking about 'Learning to Learn'. We have been talking about ways that we can make our learning easier, by finding ways to solve our problems and overcome our difficulties. We talked about how we all learn in different ways, and that makes us unique. With inspiration from the book 'Only One You', we painted pebbles to remind us to be positive and have a growth mindset approach to our learning. 

2017-2018 Academic Year

Gardener's World Display

Gardener's World Display 1
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During our topic of 'Gardener's World' we have been looking at how plants survive and grow. We put all of our learning and work onto a fantastic display in our classroom. It has been great to hear the children using their scientific key words when they are explaining, and they are now applying this in their writing too! This has 'bean' such a fun topic!

Beech Class Assembly


Beech class shared their learning from the last term in their class assembly. This covered the 'Hall of Fame' topic and our more recent topic of 'Gardener's World'. The children made a human timeline of famous people from the past, using their historical chronology skills, and they also performed a fantastic song called 'Friendships' using different vocal parts and chime bars. Well done Beech class! You have grown so much this year! 


Today, Beech Class visited Lee Valley Park to experience a Habitat Discovery Day. We searched for minibeasts in a range of land habitats, such as in long grass, gravel paths, in trees and under logs. We used classification keys to help us to identify the different minibeasts that we had caught, but we had to look really carefully as some of the bugs were very similar! We found lots of different creatures, including spiders, ants and beetles. We even found a very impressive looking toad and a couple of smooth newts which were amazing to see up close! In the afternoon we had the opportunity to do some pond dipping. We used a small platform to get close to the edge before gliding our net through the water, in the hope of catching some minibeasts. It was great fun and we saw some water snails, leaches, blood worms, water boatmen and many other exciting creatures that live in the water. We thought about placing the minibeasts in separate pots, as we didn't want the predators eating the prey! This was a truly amazing opportunity for the children and they learnt so much. What a fantastic day we had!


We joined in with the whole school today and spent lots of time outdoors. We practised our fine motor skills and learnt how to do yarn wrapping using wool and sticks. The sticks looked incredible and some even had imaginative stories behind them too! In the afternoon we used the wildlife area as inspiration for art. We chose a wild flower and studied it closely using a magnifying glass. After observing the flower for a short while, we were able to draw a very detailed picture. The finished artwork looked amazing!


This afternoon we visited Wodson Park. This was a great opportunity to build on and extend our agility skills since the last visit. This mainly included throwing, balancing and skipping. It was great to have the sun out and shining on us too!


In our history lesson today, we were exploring what life would be like if we were blind or partially sighted. We had some special glasses to help us find out what it would really be like. This made us think about the other senses we would need to use instead. We found that touch was extremely useful in finding our way around and could also be a way to support the blind to read. Louis Braille created an amazing language for the blind and was of course named after himself! Braille is very tricky to read. We found this out when we tried to read some sentences before writing our own. It was a challenge but also very fun!


Today we had a 'Famous People Parade' with lots of significant faces from the past. We saw Cleopatra, Florence Nightingale, Albert Einstein and Henry VIII just to name a few! The red carpet was rolled out and the famous faces strutted down the catwalk showing off their fantastic outfits whilst telling interesting facts about themselves. This was an amazing entry point to our 'Hall of Fame' topic. Have a look at the photographs. How many famous faces do you recognise?


Some children from Beech class were given the chance to participate in a science morning at a local school, where they were able to explore all things flight! They met a real pilot and enjoyed working with him and asking lots of questions. During the day there were challenges to complete and build. There was also a task where the whole group had to build a flying machine, and guess what...the group won first prize! Well done!


To finish off our 'Survival' topic, we had a whole outdoor day. During the day we looked at and thought about animals laying eggs and where the safest places might be - this reminded us of when we were in Oak class and a very brave duck laid its eggs in a dark, narrow gap in the wooden boat in the garden! We also played some tracking and survival games to improve our listening and team building skills. We started off the afternoon around the campfire, which was an amazing experience. Mrs Richards taught us how to build the perfect fire by creating an A-frame and building it up with dry twigs and leaves. The children then had a go at making their own, and they were fantastic! To finish off the day we looked at how this fire would be our main way of eating and cooking, and we tried some delicious drop scones (a bit like pancakes!).


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Beech class performed a song with tuned instruments for the first time! It was also quite tricky in the hall as the sounds echoed lots! We had the electric guitar, the flute, the piano and the glockenspiels. What a talented band they are!

Easter Gardens

Easter Gardens 1
Easter Gardens 2
Easter Gardens 3
Easter Gardens 4
Easter Gardens 5
Easter Gardens 6
Easter Gardens 7
Easter Gardens 8
Easter Gardens 9
Easter Gardens 10
Easter Gardens 11
Easter Gardens 12
Easter Gardens 13
Easter Gardens 14
Easter Gardens 15
Easter Gardens 16
Easter Gardens 17
Easter Gardens 18
Easter Gardens 19
Easter Gardens 20


In R.E the children have been learning about the Easter story. They were challenged to use their imaginations to create their own Easter garden. They really did rise to the challenge! The gardens looked so beautiful and the children were extremely proud of themselves. They really enjoyed displaying them at the end of the day for all to see!

Sport Relief Mile


Year 2 took part in the sponsored run to raise money and awareness for the Sport Relief charity. They were challenged to run 1/2 a mile (4 laps of the field) but once they got started, most of the children didn't want to stop and completed over a mile! The motivation and enthusiasm was incredible and the children all did such a brilliant job! 

Starting Research

During our computing lessons we have been finding out how to research and pick out key information. Along the way we have read some really amazing facts about sharks, dinosaurs and insects. Did you know that the word dinosaur means 'terrible lizard'!?


Today we had a visit from Nancy and the Life Bus. We found out lots about feelings and parts of the body. There were some great discussions and this was an amazing opportunity for the children. The highlight was definitely meeting Harold the giraffe!



Beech class had written some fantastic myths which they chose to share with Poplar class during our Onesie-Upon-A-Time afternoon, to support reading for pleasure across the school. 


Beech class were very proud of themselves today! They were very excited to share all of their hard work and learning with the school and their parents. The children remembered all of their speaking parts and brought their loud voices along too! Well done Beech class!

Colour Mixing


Today the children had lots of fun exploring with colour. They even painted their own colour wheels to demonstrate their mixing skills. The best part was experimenting with white and black paints to create shades and tints. 

The World is a Big Place