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Academic Year 2019-2020

Academic Year 2018-2019


This week we have been learning about insects. Insects have 3 body parts and 6 legs. We have been sorting minibeasts according to whether they are insects or not. We also learnt a song to remind us of the scientific names. 


Today Dr Caray Walker came into school to teach us about Bacteria. We learnt how to wash our hands correctly, and used a UV torch and gel to spot all the germs. We also learnt about lots of different bacterias and their scientific names. We used playdough and other resources to build our own ‘ bacteria bugs’. 

Look at our writing!

This week we have been learning about the features of a diary and read ‘A Diary Of A Spider’ by Doreen Cronin. We then wrote our own diary entries from the perspective of a spider. 

Bug Hotel

Today we went into the wildlife area to make homes for all the minibeasts. We used the natural resources in the wildlife area to fill our plant pots; we had lots of minibeasts visit whilst we were making them. We also spotted a bees nest on the log circle, it was fascinating. 

Busy Bees!

To launch our topic on Minibeasts, Mr Newton bought in his colony of bees in their hive to share with us. We got the chance to look in the beehive at all the bees, busy at work. Unfortunately, we didn’t see the queen bee as she was eating her lunch in the bottom of the hive. Bees are very clever, they make honey and wax. We got to feel and touch the wax that Mr Newton’s Bees made. We will get to taste a variety of honey next week, yum! 

Fact Files

Look at our amazing writing. We have been learning how to write factual sentences about dinosaurs. We have worked hard on our cursive handwriting and are becoming more confident with using diagraphs in our independent work. 


This week we took on the role of a palaeontologist. We learnt that Palaeontologists needed to be very careful as bones are very fragile and they needed lots of patience. We excavated chocolate chips from a biscuit. It took us a very long time and we got quite dusty.

T-Rex Footprint 

This week we have been learning about measuring. Today a giant T-Rex footprint appeared in our classroom. We made predictions on how many of our footprints would fill the T-Rex’s footprint. Some of our predictions were 45, 63 and 90. We filled half of the footprint with 60 shoes.

Dino Dung! 

Today we noticed that a dinosaur had pooped in the classroom. We explored the poo to see whether the dinosaur was a herbivore or a carnivore. We then made predictions as to which dinosaur it belonged to. After, we used this information to make our own ‘Dino Dung’. Palaeontologist and scientific find out lots of information through their poo.


Minute Madness 

In Maths, we have been learning about time. We explored what one minute felt like. When we sat in silence it felt like a very long time but when we had to take our shoes and socks off it was a very short time; we only ever managed to get one sock back on.

Chinese New Year

This week we have been learning about Chinese New year. We were excited to welcome Mrs Wall into our classroom who taught us all about the festival and the zodiac story, 'The Great Race'. We explored different Chinese artefacts and foods; the fortune cookies were very yummy. We also took parts in lots of crafts such as making Chinese lanterns and Chinese window decorations. We studied Chinese numbers and practised writing them. We had a super fun week!

Snow Snow Snow
Today we were very excited to see it had snowed over night. We put on our wellies, coats, hats and gloves and went out to play. We noticed the snow wasn’t as thick under the trees. We then had running races, tried to walk in the snowy footprints and made little snowmen; it was very cold but had lots of fun!

Little Budding Artists
This week we have been learning about the dark and nocturnal animals. In our art lessons, we learnt how to draw owls. We followed step by step instructions to draw them. We then painted the outlines before filling them in and finally adding the detail. It took us a few days to paint them but we are very pleased with the results; so are our teachers. 

Terrific Tennis

Today Andy from Legends Tennis club visited our class. At the beginning of the session we practiced rolling the ball along the ground. Then we learnt how to bounce the ball and catch it in our hands, this was quite difficult. We then used the rackets to control the ball in lots of different ways; we had great fun!


We have been busy in Reception this Christmas. We have made our own stockings to hang on the tree. We used a real needle and thread to sew two pieces of felt together. We then got to stuff it and put a clove in the middle to make it smell nice. Out of salt dough, we made a Christmas tree which also could be hung on the tree. We pressed our fingers into the dough to make bauble shapes. Once it had been cooked, we got to decorate it. We also got to make rice crispy Christmas puddings. We learnt how chocolate can turn from a solid to a liquid by melting it. We then got to take them home and eat them...they were very yummy!

Christmas Christingles

This Christmas we learnt about the true meaning of Christmas and why Christians celebrate it. We all got to make a Christingle, which symbolises Christmas and the importance of Christ. We had to be very careful when we were threading raisins onto cocktail sticks. We then got to take them home and light them with our families.

Angel Express

Read all about it...This Christmas the Reception and Nursery children performed a nativity called ‘Angel Express’. All the children were amazing and put on a super production. Reception children had to learn lots of lines as well as 7 new songs. We are so proud of how hard they worked and well they performed.

Interesting Italian 

Today Mrs Hartley came in to teach us some Italian. We looked on a map to find Italy, it is shaped liked a boot and sits below England. Mrs Hartley told us that pizza and pasta come from Italy. She was born in Naples where you can buy the best pizza in the world. Mrs Hartley then read us a story in Italian. We couldn’t understand what she was saying but it was very exciting to hear the language. We used the pictures in the book to give us clues about the story. We learnt how to say hello and goodbye in Italian. We practised saying “ciao” and “ciao ciao” with our friends. To finish off we learnt how to say “my name is” so Mrs Hartley can learn our names. We are excited to see her again next week and learn more Italian. 

Lest We Forget

On Friday, as a whole school we had a special worship time around the memorial to remember those who had fallen. During the rest of the day we took part in art activities to create a variety of different poppies. We used material squares to create a mosaic. We decorated a biscuit with red icing and a milk button; they were very yummy. We also learnt about lines and shapes. We used these to decorate petals for another poppy. Finally, we worked in groups to create a large poppy. We had to communicate effectively with our team members and take turns, at the beginning it was quite difficult; however, by the end we were all working really well as a team. 

Fantastic Forest School

For the last week of this half term we started to learn about Autumn. We reflected back on what harvest meant and explored some pumpkins. The seeds were "hard" and "small" and inside the pumpkin was "slimy" and "yukky". We then took our learning outside, we played 'Hide and Seek' in the wildlife area. It was easy to find our friends because the leaves are  beginning to fall off the trees. We went on an Autumn hunt, where we found treasures such as golden leaves, acorns and pine cones. We also continued to use our senses by observing and feeling tree trunks. We used crayons to do bark rubbing; it was very tricky.

Tantalising Taste Buds

This week we have been learning about our senses. We began by listening and matching environmental sounds. We then challenged ourselves by walking around the field with our eyes closed, in a caterpillar. We were guided by a leader who had their eyes open. It was very “tricky” and “scary”. We then tested our taste buds with foods that were sweet, salty, sour and bitter. Most of us thought the bitter dark chocolate was “yuk”.

An Exciting Story Time

We were very excited to have our first shared reading session with Year 5 this week. We chose our favourite book for a Year 5 to read it to us, they read very well.
Some of us were lucky to visit the Year 5 classroom; the chairs were a lot bigger than ours. It was great fun and we cannot until next time!


Our story this week has been ‘Supertato’ by Sue Hendra. This afternoon, we found our vegetables had been tied up around the classroom, we think the Evil Pea did it. We then thought about what the vegetables may say if they could speak before rescuing them to safety. We thought of ways to trap and squash the Evil Pea, one idea was to squash him in a book...splat. Later, we used vegetables to make our own Mr Potato Head.



Academic Year 2017-2018

Sports Relief Mile

Today we had to run 4 laps of the field to run half a mile for Sports Relief. However, half a mile was way too easy for us. All of us ran a mile or more, some even managed three miles. We were very proud of our selves. 

Dinosaurs and Fossils

Today Graham Woollard, a real palaeontologist came into school to tell us all about dinosaurs and fossils. We were allowed to explore the models of the dinosaurs; we found one with claws, one with spikes on its back and one with really sharp teeth. 

We listened to sounds of dinosaurs, however, nobody actually knows what the dinosaurs sounded like. Scientists even believe that the T-Rex didn't roar, it made sounds in the back of its throat. We found out that a real Triceratops would be the same length as Cowper hall, that is huge!!! A Triceratops also used his frill to show off and find a girlfriend, just like a peacock. We had lots of fun and learnt sooooo much! 

A visit from Nancy and Harold

Today we met Nancy and Harold in the Life Bus. We helped Harold pack his bag for a sleepover at grandma's house. We learnt the importance of taking the correct medicine and thought about where medicines should be kept. We looked at different parts of the body and learnt about foods that give us energy. We also did some dancing to get the oxygen pumping around our bodies; our hearts were beating very fast. 

Legends Tennis

Today we had Andy from Legends Tennis come in to teach us a tennis lesson. We practised throwing and catching a ball whilst standing still; we had to keep our eye on the ball at all times. We then learnt forehand and backhand strokes. Once we mastered this, we got to hit a ball over a net. It was great fun! 

What happens when I am asleep?

To launch our Spring topic called ‘What happens when I am asleep?’ we wore our pyjamas to school. We read a story called ‘Emily Brown and the thing’ by Cressida Cowell. We made our own ‘Thing’ using socks and buttons. We also enjoyed jammy dodgers and hot chocolate, yum yum!!!

A King is born

On Tuesday we performed a nativity called 'A King is Born' to our families. The story was about a family reading The First Christmas story on Christmas Eve. They found out that a special baby was born to save the world. He was called Jesus. He was the son of God. We learnt lots of words to retell the story. We also sang seven songs which all had actions. We rehearsed lots and our teachers told us our final performance was amazing!!! 

We are all different!

This week is Anti-bullying week. To celebrate being different and unique, we wore odd socks to school. We compared the colours and patterns on our socks and sorted them into groups. We found out that some of our socks are similar and some are completely different; just like all of us!

Remembrance Day 2017!

On Sunday it is Remembrance Sunday; a day where we remember the soldiers that fought in the wars to save our country. We read a story called ‘Where The Poppies Now Grow’ by Hilary Robinson & Martin Impey. In our groups, we worked together to create a collage of a poppy. We also used cake cakes and lolly pop sticks to make small poppies. We took them over to the memorial to put into the ground where we said prayers of thanks.

How Many Smarties?

In Maths we have been looking at different graphs and charts. We learnt how to read block charts and pictograms. Graphs are used to show information. How many red smarties are in a tube? We found out this answer and sorted the coloured smarties into a block graph. 

We also learnt how to use tally marks. We took our Maths outside and collected natural objects (and rubbish). We then put this information into a tally graph. 

Farm Fun!

On Monday 9th October, Arc Farm came to visit us at school. We first looked at the animals features and discussed why they all have different feet and what covered their bodies. We then got to go inside the pen to touch the animals. "The sheep is really warm and fluffy. "He has lots of wool on his back".

Academic Year 2016-2017

A visit to the Life Bus!

On Monday we met Nancy and Harold on the Life Bus. It was very exciting! Harold went for a sleepover at his grandma’s house and we helped him prepare for it. We learnt what our bodies need to be healthy and how food and drink give us energy. We also found out that our hearts pump the blood and energy around our bodies; the intestines were really long. To end with, we looked at the twinkling stars and had a little snooze; we grow when we are sleeping.

Yummy Pancakes!

Today was Pancake Day and we got to make pancakes! We learnt about the festival of Lent and how Christians remember when Jesus fasted for 40 days in the desert.  We had to measure the ingredients and mix them together. Sophia's mummy cooked them for us and then chose what topping to put on; sugar, chocolate sauce, maple syrup or lemon juice.  Most of us chose chocolate sauce and got very sticky!

Dance Festival

On Wednesday 22nd February we took part in the Hertford and Ware dance festival and performed at the Hertford Theatre. The theme was 'A Beautiful World' and we danced to A Circle of Life from Lion King. We all had great fun rehearsing and performing! 

Bat Fun!

Our topic this half term has been 'What happens when you are sleeping?'  We have learnt about the night sky, nocturnal animals and lots lots more. Warebats came to visit us. We were lucky to see real bats and hear them echolocate. This visit was topped off with hot chocolate and cookies. It has been a very exciting half term! 


Our Christian value for February is Humility. Today we read Jesus Washes His Disciples’ Feet from the Bible. We then took it in turns to wash our friend’s hands, just like Jesus did. We made sure we cleaned all the germs away, not forgetting in-between the fingers! This has taught us how to be humble.


Remembrance Day!

Today we learnt about the meaning of Remembrance Day. We visited the memorial outside our school, where we thought about all the brave soldiers that had died during the war. We made up our own prayers to say thank you, sorry and please to God. At 11 o'clock we had a two minute silence with the rest of the school. Afterwards, we made large poppies in a group where we practised our cutting and sticking skills.


Jewish New Year

We have been looking at the Jewish Religion and compared it to Christianity. Jewish people eat apples dipped in honey to celebrate a sweet new year. We were allowed to dip our apples in honey, they were yummy. We also made our own Star of David out of salt dough.

Super Science!

Look at all the science we have been exploring this half term. We have learnt about our bodies, inside and out. We have found out which objects float and discovered that not all metals are magnetic. 


The Christian value for October is trust. We put our trust in our friends as we were blindfolded and led around the field. After, we worked as a team to move around the field as a whole caterpillar with only the first person being able to see. It was quite tricky and a little bit scary but we all knew our friends would not let us down! 

Academic Year 2015-2016

RE Day

On Friday 27th May, we had an RE day where Rose from Barnabas came in to teach us about the Bible and where it all started. We listened to the story of 'The Lost Sheep', then had to find all of the shepherd's 99 sheep in the hall. We also read ‘The Good Samaritan’ and understood the importance of caring for people. In groups, we took part in an injured man relay. We had lots of fun wrapping bandages around our friends and applying plasters. We are good Samaritans.

Our Butterflies

Over the last half term, we have been learning all about minibeasts. We observed caterpillars and watched as they grew bigger and bigger, very quickly. We were amazed how the caterpillars shook as they began to form into a pupa. Once the butterflies were ready, the pupa split open and out came beautiful Painted Lady butterflies. We fed them sugary water and a banana. When they were ready, we released them and watched them fly away.


On Tuesday 17th May, Dr Karen came in to teach us all about seeds. We were able to touch and smell lots of different seeds from different plants and countries. We held the biggest seed in the world; Coco de Mar, which means double coconut. We also saw the smallest seeds in the world which came from an Aphid plant. The coco pod smelt a lot like chocolate, yum!

Reptile Visit

Steve and Tom from Paradise Wildlife Park came to visit us this week. They brought with them some interesting animals for us to look at and touch. We enjoyed learning facts about reptiles and touching their scaly skin. The tortoise was very smelly as he didn't like the car very much. The snake wasn’t slimy after all, she was smooth but cold. We had lots of fun with the reptiles from Paradise Wildlife Park.

Our Space Assembly


To end our topic on Friendship, we had a teddy bears picnic. We all brought in our special teddies for a picnic inside as it was very cold. We made our own sandwiches and found out how difficult it was to spread honey and jam without getting sticky.  We hunted for teddy numbers and enjoyed playing with our teddies outside in the quiet garden; we were not very quiet! To finish off we listened to a story called ‘The Bear Under the Stairs’ by Helen Cooper.

Fabulous Friends!

What great fun we have had this half term, we have all settled in well to full time school and thoroughly enjoyed our topic ‘Do you want to be friends?’. We have learnt how to be a good friend and the importance of sharing and saying kind words. We have read ‘Please Mr Panda’ by Steve Antony to remind ourselves of our manners; we practise using these every day. We also read ‘Elmer’ by David McKee, this teaches us that being different is special and God loves us for who we are.

A-Mazing Maths!

In Reception we have been doing lots of amazing Maths from counting to naming shapes and even describing the position of our toys. We used colours and 2D shapes to create repeating patterns, we first had to identify the pattern and then complete it. We made wonderful snakes! Can you carry on the pattern?

Fantastic Farm!

We have been learning to look after our friends, toys and even our animals. We know that animals have the same rights as us; they need food, water, space, shelter and love. We were lucky enough to have a farm come to visit us at school. They brought lots of animals for us to look at and touch. We learnt why animals have different feet and coats; thankfully we all have waterproof coats as we got very wet!