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Hertingfordbury Cowper Primary School home page

Hertingfordbury Cowper C of E (VA) Primary School

Rooted in Jesus, Growing in Wisdom, Overflowing with Thankfulness
Colossians 2:7

Ash - Year 1

Academic Year 2020-2021

WB 7.9.20

On Monday morning we came into school to find our classroom covered in lily pads and a warning sign across our classroom door! After lots of discussion and some detective work, we found a book called 'Tuesday' which had been left in our classroom by the mysterious criminals. This helped us to find out a bit more about these strange lily pads and how they might have got into our room. You could ask you child to tell you more if you are still curious, they certainly had lots to say about it in the classroom this week! 

WB 7.9.20

This week we have been ‘Learning to Learn’ in Ash Class. We used the book ‘Only One You’ to  remind us of the importance of being ourselves and looking at what makes us special and unique. We each drew around our hand and then decorated it in our own style to show that we are all different. We then wrote sentences to say why we are special. It has been fantastic getting to know each other over these first few days! Have a look at our beautiful display below. 


Hello Ash Class!


I would like to give a really warm welcome to both the children and parents who have joined year 1 for this academic year. I am so excited to share this year's learning journey with you!


Miss Whitbread 

Year 1 2019-2020


We hope you all have a wonderful final two weeks of term. With that in mind, we have planned a few fun activities to keep you busy over the next couple of weeks which can all be found in the document below. The children will have also brought home a printed copy in their bag, along with their books, TT Rockstars login and their end of year report. 


The children have had an extremely busy last week writing letters! They have written letters to Mrs Richards thanking her and wishing her well, as well as offering her a few ideas for things she could do in her free time. They have also written letters to Oak Class informing them all about Year 1. Finally, they wrote letters to Mrs Axam and Mrs Bevan explaining their feelings about Year 2, including any questions they have about next year. They did a fantastic job and had lots and lots of questions! We wrote back to the children and shared our letter with them today, trying to answer as many questions as possible. We've added the letter here for the children to read again if they wish to do so.

Year 1 Home Learning - Summer Term
A quick message to say an enormous thank you to you all for our beautiful video! We absolutely love it!!! We were already both super excited to see you tomorrow and now we’re even more so. We’ve missed you all so so much! We hope you all have a good night’s sleep ready for a big day tomorrow. Looking forward to being together again, 
Mrs Axam and Mrs Bevan 


Hello Ash Class! We hope you've all had a lovely half term and enjoyed the glorious sunshine. We're very much looking forward to seeing many of you on Thursday. Here is a learning pack to keep you busy for the next couple of days before your return to school. If you finish this one super quickly, you can find more of these by following the link below. To access different packs, select a different week at the top of the page.


The next computing programming task shows you how to create programs that play a recorded sound. The powerpoint and attached worksheets will guide you through the steps.

For tasks on other subject areas, look back at the 'other subjects' documents from previous weeks to find any tasks you have not yet completed.

Finally, do you remember the list you wrote at the start of the plants topic? Could you now give yourself another 5 minutes to write a new list of all the plant names you know. Then, compare your lists. Have you added more to the second list? Have you found out the names of any plants you were unfamiliar with before? Did you remember to include flowering plants, grass, vegetables, herbs and trees?

Worship at Home

Find this on the Curriculum page of our website.

This week we are thinking about how to look for 'Joy'. In 1 Thessalonians it says 'In all times, in all places, it is important to be thankful for all the good things and rejoice'.

You will find ideas for reflecting about joy together as a family, listening to sounds of people and animals around you and thanking God for those 'silver linings' in this situation.


Can you believe we've made it to half term already? We want to thank you all again for all your extremely hard work this half term. You've put in so much time and effort across a whole range of subjects; you should be very proud of yourselves. We've loved seeing all the different tasks you've tackled; the ones we've suggested as well as many others. We have lots of very confident bike riders and keen gardeners now it seems. Well done! 

Now that it's half term, we won't be setting any learning this week but we hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable time with your families. The weather looks set to be very good indeed. We've been busy at school this week, making the classrooms and other areas safe and inviting for your return. We can't tell you how excited we are to see you all again and we hope it won't be too long now. For now, have a sensational  week and stay safe. 

Love Mrs Axam, Mrs Bevan, Miss Bayford and Mrs Morton


Happy Friday Ash Class! Have you been having enjoying the glorious sunshine this week? It has been wonderful. Your sunflowers must be needing lots of watering this week!

We heard that quite a few of you really liked the days of the week word search last week so we've got another one for you below that you could do if you have some free time. There is a challenging version where the words are not there for you to look at and an easier version which tells you which flowers to search for. Enjoy!

Ash Class Learning at Home!

Week beginning 18.5.20

Another busy week has flown by. Thank you again for all your emails; they are the highlight of our day! We are missing you all very very much but we are glad to see that you are trying so hard with your learning at home. We are extremely proud of all your hard work and effort. Keep up the amazing job! Your suggested tasks for this week can be found below:


Hi Ash Class, 

Hope you're having a good week so far. I had an exciting afternoon today doing some pond dipping in the wildlife area at school. I wanted to share with you what we found. As well as the photos below, there is also a short video in the Video Resource Centre.

Take care,

Mrs Axam

Week Beginning 11.5.20

Welcome to another week Ash Class. We hope you've enjoyed the long weekend with your families. Did you do anything special for VE Day? At school, we had a picnic lunch on the field to celebrate and we all wore red, white and blue. 

You have all been extremely busy again this last week. We loved seeing the different ways you tackled the crocodile maths challenge. Lots of you used little figures and pretend boats to help you solve the problem. Great job! We also thought you were very creative when drawing your comic strips. Did any of you manage to persuade your parents to get you a pet? There was also a lot of computing going on last week which is wonderful to see. Lots of you had fun instructing your character to move around. Keep up the wonderful work! This week's tasks are all saved below. 

Week beginning 4.5.20

Hello again Ash Class! We hope you're all staying safe and well. We've been so impressed with your work this last week and are very proud of all that you have achieved. So much has been going on! We are really missing being in the classroom with you so we very much appreciate receiving your emails. Thank you. Below, you will find two PowerPoints full of photos of some of the work you've sent in over the last 2 weeks. There's so much to see! We hope you've had a good weekend and are ready for another busy but exciting week home of home learning. Your tasks for this week are in the documents below. Have a great week! smiley

Ash Class Learning at Home!
Week beginning 4.5.20.

Week Beginning 27.4.20

Hello again Ash Class. Welcome to another week. We hope you're all doing well and enjoying this time with your families. We're missing you greatly. Like you, Mrs Axam and Mrs Bevan have been trying to keep up with our reading as much as possible but we've been having a few unwanted and somewhat surprising interruptions!

Miss Bayford has been completing some of the home learning too. She enjoyed the PSHE task set last week 'Every Cloud has a Silver Lining' and here is her work with a message for you all.
Great job so far this week Ash Class; well done! Some of you have started sending in your finished colour poems and they are fantastic! Remember to take a look at the 'other subjects' document for lots more learning. Mrs Axam did the Kandinsky art today (see below) and found it rather therapeutic! 


Here you will find the documents needed for this week's learning. You may have missed some extra bits added at the end of last week:  a new story from Mrs Bevan in the Video Resource Centre and some fun activities about St. George's Day. You can scroll down if you fancy taking a look at those too. Have a great week!

Extra Maths Challenge - scroll below for a maths powerpoint which explains a maths problem solving activity based on artwork by Kandinsky, whom you are learning about in Art this week. Two worksheets are also included.
Week beginning 20th April 2020

24.4.20. New Video Alert! See the video resource centre.

A story for you to enjoy - Here Comes the Crocodile.

Well done Ash Class for all of your amazing learning you have done at home this week. We are so impressed! We have loved reading through all of your work and looking at your photos and illustrations. Have a lovely weekend and keep safe. 


St George's Day - 23rd April

Read the story and information about St George's Day. This is the day that England remembers St George the patron Saint. Who was he? What happened in the legend that made him so famous?

Afterwards you may wish to play the board game or choose one of the math mosaic activities. (the answers are there - don't peek at them!)

READING                                                                                                         22.4.20

We hope you're all managing to keep with the fabulous reading you had all been doing. If you need access to more books, the Collins Big Cat series have just become free to access online.

MATHS                                                                                                            21.4.20

NEW VIDEO ALERT - The answer to the Easter Egg challenge is in! Go to the Video Resource Centre to find out if you guessed correctly. 


Welcome to the Summer Term!     


We hope you all had a wonderful Easter break. We are now ready and raring to go for the new term and we have lots of exciting learning coming your way. Before we get stuck in, we want to give you a final opportunity to take part in the Easter challenges set in recent weeks. Scroll down for the details of the Easter Reading Challenge and go to the Video Resource Centre for an Easter egg maths challenge. We look forward to receiving some more of your guesses as well as some book reviews to share with the class. 


Our topic for this half term is 'Flourishing in the Sun'. We begin with a look at 'spring'. To start the topic, we would like you to collect some data. Either using the table below, or making your own, could you record the weather and temperature each day for the next 14 days. There are symbols below to help you. We will then use this information later to form some conclusions about spring and compare our findings with the data we collected in winter.

PHONICS                                                                                                          20.4.20

If you would like to continue having phonics lessons at home, RWI are streaming sessions daily on their YouTube channel.

This is the format we follow at school and so you will be familiar with them. We would suggest doing Set 3 which is at 10:30am, although some children would also benefit from revising Set 2 which is at the earlier time of 10am. The lessons only stay online for 24 hours and the daily schedule is saved below if you would like to see which sounds are coming up on which days.


Would you like to colour in one of these lovely pictures from a local art gallery? You might even like to hang it in your window. Click on the link below to find a printable version.

I Want My Hat Back

Do you remember when we enjoyed reading this story, 'I Want My Hat Back' in English back in January? The Little Angel Theatre Company in London have been very busy producing an exciting puppet show while their theatre building is closed. It's a clever adaption of this picture book by the author, Jon Klassen. Today this puppet show has been released on YouTube for us all to watch! It's available for 14 days. Enjoy!

The director, performer, set designer and music maker created this show in their own homes. I wonder if you might like to produce your own puppet show at home? You could choose one of your favourite stories to recreate. Perhaps you could make your own puppets by drawing the characters and attaching a stick so that you can make them move?


NEW VIDEO ALERT - Can you guess how many Easter eggs Mrs Axam has hidden? Go to the Video Resource Centre to find out more...

Happy Easter to all of Ash Class and your families! Enjoy celebrating together!

The Story of Easter

This video clip explains why Easter is a very special time for Christians. We hope you are having a lovely day celebrating Easter with your families.

Jesus is Alive! It's a Happy Day!


Dear Ash Class,


Hope you are all enjoying your Easter break and taking part in the Easter Reading Challenge (see below). If you are missing being at school together nearly as much as we are, the photos below may help cheer you up a little. They have certainly put huge smiles on our faces!  Here is just a snapshot of all the wonderful work you have been doing at home. Keep it up!

Happy Easter and stay safe,


Mrs Axam and Mrs Bevan

EASTER READING CHALLENGE - Log on to the Oxford Owl website using the link below. This will enable you to access banded eBooks, for free.

Choose 3 books to read over the next 2 weeks. If you like, you can pick one of the books to write a book review about using the template provided below. Email it back and your book review could help your friends to choose their next book.


Dear Ash Class and families,


Another week away from school and what a busy week it has been. Thank you all so much for all the wonderful emails we’ve received this week. Although we can’t respond to them individually, we are looking closely at each and every one of them and are greatly enjoying seeing all your hard work. You have all shown what fabulous imaginations you have during the Beegu tasks, not to mention the fantastic problem solving skills you demonstrated in the maths challenge! You should be very proud of what you’ve achieved this week. Well done!


We hope you’ve enjoyed watching our videos. We’ve certainly loved seeing your photos, videos and pieces of work. Keep checking back here over the next week or so as we display some of the things you’ve sent in. Just a reminder, if you are NOT happy for your photos to be published on the website, please let us know by email.


Parents, we hope you are finding the tasks and activities we have been suggesting helpful. We understand how difficult things can be at the moment and our aim is to guide you and provide ideas for home learning but we certainly would not want to be adding to any pressure in these extraordinary times. Hopefully, we’re achieving the right balance but please take things at a pace that is suitable for your family.


We wish you all an enjoyable Easter break. The sun is due to shine which will make the walking or scooting all the more fun. Keep the photos coming as we so love seeing what you’re all up to. Most of all, enjoy this special time together. We'll be keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers.


Love and best wishes,


The Year 1 team

ENGLISH                                                                                                           3.4.20

NEW VIDEO ALERT - Head to the Video Resource Centre to see the latest and final part of Beegu. 

MATHS                                                                                     2.4.20.

New Video! Go to the Video Resource Centre to see the latest Handa's Surprise video. You will find out which fruit features in this investigation and discover how you can help Handa and Akeyo solve this maths challenge. There is a page of further information here. It includes a link to a simple playdough recipe. Have fun!



NEW VIDEO ALERT - Go to the Video Resource Centre to see the latest Beegu video. Has your question been answered? Have you worked out what kind of creature Beegu is? Did you spot the clue on the fifth page that might help us to identify where the book is set? If you do not have the answer to your question just yet, perhaps you will find it when we read the final part of the story next time. 


If you choose to take on the writing task, there are pictures below to help you. As you'll be writing as the character Beegu, remember to use 'I' and that stories are written in the past tense. Please email them in. Can't wait to hear your ideas!


NEW VIDEO ALERT - Mrs Bevan has a message and a story for you all. There is also a related maths problem coming very soon so keep checking the Video Resource Centre to see all the new videos. 


THANK YOU! What a wonderful day it's been receiving all your lovely emails. Such amazing writing has been happening and so much learning has been going on. Great job everyone!

Thank you for the fantastic, well-thought out questions about Beegu. The next part will be up on Wednesday. Keep those questions coming if you haven't yet sent some.

Some parents have been asking a few questions about writing and phonics... We have now covered all of the phonics phases in class and so the children should be consolidating their knowledge. Feel free to practise all/any phase at home.

When writing, it's fine for the children to still spell largely phonetically. However, there are some words which they should be really trying to spell correctly, mostly the tricky (CEW) words listed below.

MATHS                                                                                                            30.3.20

The team at White Rose are providing daily maths challenges with videos and quizzes. (and answers!)

Take a look at the Week 1 activities about weight and mass, capacity and volume. Another good section is 'Top Tips for Everyday Maths at Home'.

COMPUTING - Branch Databases                                                                     30.3.20

ENGLISH                                                                                                           29.3.20

NEW VIDEO ALERT Go to: Children - Video Resource Centre - Ash

Mrs Axam has set an English task for you.

SCIENCE                                                                                                           30.3.20

If you would like to carry on the great learning you have been doing in class on materials, see the document below for a task to do at home. If you are unable to print, try typing straight on to the word document. 


Hello Ash Class!


How has your week been? We hope you are all doing well. School has been extremely quiet this week and we've greatly missed hearing your stories and seeing all your lovely faces. We are doing well apart from being a bit sore from all the PE with Joe Wicks! Have you been joining in?

We hope you've been having a great week and enjoying the glorious sunshine. We've been going for a daily walk and are loving seeing all the rainbows in the windows. They really brighten up the day! 😊

Exciting news... If there is anything you want to share with us, you can now email us at

We look forward to hearing about what you've been up to so far, seeing some photos and perhaps some of the work you've been doing at home. If your parents can add your name, date and whether they're happy for it to be online, it may even make it to the school website for all your friends to see.

We also have a new science section on the website. Can you find it? It has some ideas from our recent science evening as well as other activities you might like to try. If you're interested in star gazing, there is information about that too.


We have been busy preparing some new activities for you to have a go at so check back on Monday to find them.


Finally, we would like to wish you all a wonderful weekend. You and your families are in our thoughts and prayers. Stay safe and keep washing those hands!




Mrs Axam, Mrs Bevan, Miss Bayford and Mrs Morton

Please find below suggested websites and activities for home learning. Keep checking back on this page regularly for updated ideas for tasks and activities.



What better way to relax than to lose yourself in a book!


Where can you share a book? Find a comfy place to read. Maybe you could make a reading den? Or go out to read in the garden on a nice day.

Perhaps you could choose an interesting chapter book as a family and plan to read or listen to the whole book together – maybe for 10 mins here and there or a chapter each day. Discuss the setting, characters, plot and make some predictions!


To continue reading banded books at home, register for free on the Oxford Owl website to access books to read online.


While schools are closed, Audible are allowing free access to audio books.


Cbeebies bedtime stories has many lovely stories read by well-known faces for the children to enjoy


If you have a Hertfordshire library card, you can access eBooks for free through the library app. Follow the link below to download the app:



To continue practising phonics at home, the following websites are extremely helpful and the children love using them in class: (usually a fee to subscribe but has been made free to access during this time) - games (usually a fee to subscribe but has been made free to access during this time) – countless games, worksheets and PowerPoints


Activities for practising tricky words (Common Exception Words):

  • Choose a word from the list below and write the word in all the colours of the rainbow.
  • Use the words to play Bingo (make your own or there are boards and cards to print on Twinkl).
  • Choose a word and try to write it with your eyes closed or perhaps even upside down.
  • Choose a word and write it in a sentence. How many words can you use in one sentence?

    Year One Tricky words / Common Exception Words:




Who could you write a letter to? You may not have seen a special family member or friend for a while. They would probably love to receive a letter.

Anyone’s birthday coming up? You could write them a card.

Could you keep a diary?

What could you write a story about?

Draw a story map for a well-known tale. Which parts could you change to make your own version? Perhaps ‘The Three Little Sheep?’ Which materials could they use to build their houses? How could you change the ending?

Write instructions for something you make at home (see the art section below for lots of ideas).

Handwriting practice – sheets to help practise can be found on Twinkl.


Maths  A fantastic website which we use in class for practising mental maths against the clock. Start at Level 1. Increase the difficulty by reducing the number of seconds to answer each question. How many can you get right? Can you do better than your previous score? Focus on number bonds to 10 then 20, doubles, missing number calculations, addition and subtraction. - As you work through the activities, the difficulty increases. To speed up access to the more challenging levels, an adult may choose to work through the easier levels.


See the new home learning KIRF below for further maths ideas.

PE & Keeping Active

How about starting each day with 30 minutes of exercise at home? Follow the Body Coach Joe Wicks at 9am each day for a child-friendly 30 minute workout (You Tube Body Coach TV). a website subscribed to by our school which offers short, easy to follow workouts which can be done in the home. Use the log in provided to gain access. Your workouts will be recorded and the most active children will be added to the school leader board.


The PE Shed provides ideas for games and activities. Follow them on social media to find ideas for ways to keep active in the home.


The children absolutely love the BBC Supermovers clips. Not only do they get the children moving, they have catchy songs to teach key principles such as counting in 5s and capital letters and full stops. The children will have no doubt told you about ‘the granny one’!


Our current science topics are materials and spring. Check in each week for a science activity to do at home.

Suggested ongoing activities to do at home:

  • Plant some spring bulbs in your garden. Keep a diary of how they’re growing.
  • If you’re able to get out and about, go on a nature walk. This website provides lots of activities including tree identification charts etc to make a walk even more exciting.


PSHE – Personal, Social and Health Education

Social skills – which board games do you have which you haven’t played for a little while? Board games are great for taking turns and remembering that it’s okay to lose sometimes! Perhaps you could also learn some new card games?

Work together as a family to complete a very large jigsaw together.


Design and Technology – Cooking and Nutrition

What might a healthy lunch look like?  Have a picnic one day (could be indoors or outdoors) with a packed lunch designed by you.  What can you make from the ingredients you have? Write a list of the items you are going to pack in your lunchbox, including illustrations. Prepare the food, discussing where this food comes from. What is the journey of these foods?

Start collecting recyclable materials for junk modelling. Boxes, tubes, tubs and yoghurt pots provide endless possibilities for making things. A robot made from boxes, a small city with tunnels and bridges or perhaps your perfect playground. Let your imaginations run wild!


RE - Religious Education

Our current topic involves learning about why Easter is significant for Christians. What is the Good News that Jesus brings?


What is New Life?

Create a piece of art work which shows your understanding of what this means. Use any materials you already have at home, for example collage, crayons, paint, felt pens, pencils. It could include images of baby animals, spring flowers in bloom, the celebration that ‘Jesus is alive!’ on Easter Sunday and so on.



These websites are full of ideas for a variety of art activities.



Scratch is a free online programming tool for children that can be used to make your own stories, games and animations. What can you make?


Done some writing recently? How about typing it up in Word. Can you change the size of the font for headings and sub-headings? You could try inserting some pictures from the web.

Still stuck for ideas? Have a look at the poster below for a huge number of great activities to keep you busy!



Spring Term

In maths, we have started the term with an introduction to 3D shapes. We have been learning the names of some of them including spheres, cylinders, cuboids, cubes, cones and pyramids. We have also been describing their properties using the words faces, vertices, edges, straight and curved. Then we moved on to sorting the shapes using different sets of criteria.

Autumn Term

In R.E. we have been learning about the birth of Jesus and wrote about what happened at this special time. We have also been thinking and discussing why this event is so significant for Christians.

"Christians believe that every good gift and every perfect gift comes from above." (J.W.)

"God is a gift giver because he sent Jesus down to Earth." (E.We.)

"God gave us Jesus. God is super because He saved us." (A.J.)

"I believe Jesus is my friend forever." (H.B.)

It's Autumn in Ash Class! Come and share a story in our Autumn Reading Corner.

We had very exciting whole class assembly with a visit from Mike Mullan. He is a World Champion BMX Rider and performed many of his BMX tricks for us to see. He also talked to us about how we can build up our own growth mindset and think positively about ourselves.

He showed us how we can:

Find courage,

Learn from mistakes,

Build confidence, and

Rise above fears.

In gymnastics we have been practising travelling in different ways and in particular thinking about the words 'high' and 'low'. We have also been holding a balance for 3 seconds on different parts of our bodies. We then put our travelling movements and balances together to form a sequence.

We had an exciting visitor this week... Mrs Barker's dog Milo came to see us. Before we could meet him, we had to write lots of questions (using question marks) to ask Mrs Barker.

In topic, we have been grouping and classifying animals. We have been comparing reptiles with amphibians and thinking about their different features and the structure of their bodies. To help us with this, we made reptiles and amphibians out of clay. Can you tell which animals they are?.

During our first week in Year 1, we have been thinking about 'Learning to Learn; and what makes a growth mindset. We read a story called 'The Dot' about a child who thought she couldn't draw. With a bit of belief and encouragement from others, she then creates a whole exhibition of artwork. We did some paintings inspired by 'The Dot'.

Year 1 2018-19

Summer Term

This term we have been exploring what grows in our garden. As part of our learning we have been naming many  plants including wild flowers, common garden plants and trees. We have also been learning about the parts of plants and their different jobs. We have made collages of a variety of flowering plants and labelled the parts. Can you identify which plants we have created?

To finish up our exciting learning about materials, we had a Science Day. First, we made feely plates. We had to stick all the materials that we could find to match a given property. Some of the properties we had were shiny, dull, flexible, opaque, see-through and rough. Can you spot which plate matches which property? Next, we investigated which material would make the best umbrella for Teddy. First, we made predictions. Then we tried to test the materials fairly and recorded our results in a table. Finally, we wrote a conclusion. We found out that plastic was the best material as it was waterproof and paper was not a good material for an umbrella as it let the water through. In the afternoon, we had to choose appropriate materials for a purpose. We were decorating picture frames and had to pick materials that would work well for decorating. What do you think of our finished products?

Spring Term

In RE we have been learning about the Easter Story. To help us understand the importance of Easter in the Christian faith we have been using drama to act out the key events. We began by making Palm Leaves labelled with words that described Jesus, these were later used during a re-enactment where Sebastian played Jesus alongside his two disciples, Elsa and James M.


The children especially enjoyed The Last Supper where they were able to 'break bread' and 'drink wine'. We also had a discussion about how the feeling of our meal was different to the The Last Supper. Nancy said "I am having fun at this meal but Jesus and his disciples were sad and worried at their meal".
This half term we have been learning about materials in Science. So far, we have explored plastic, wood, metal, glass, brick, rock and water. This week, we experimented with all sorts of paper to find out how different types of paper can be good for different purposes. We discovered that kitchen roll is the best for mopping up spills and greaseproof paper is the worst. Plain paper is good for writing and painting on but kitchen roll and glossy paper are not.
Here are some photos from our toy workshop 'Nelly's Toy Box' run by Hertford Museum. During the workshop, we held dolls and teddies that were 100 years old so we had to be extremely careful. Then, we played with lots of different toys of different ages. It was a great morning!
Year 1 have had a wonderful afternoon exploring toys from their parents and grandparents' childhoods. The children wrote questions they would like to ask and then posed them to different adults while they played. Zoe asked, "Did you have a TV or a computer?" "No, I didn't have either," Freddie's grandpa replied.

In Maths, our current topic is measurement. We have been learning about speed, time and distance. We talked about things that travel fast and compared these with objects that usually move slowly.

After watching a short clip of toy cars racing very fast down a ramp, we decided that we would create some ramps for some toy cars using cardboard and books. We made ramps with different heights and tested which height helped our cars to travel the fastest.



Our book corner has been transformed! Welcome to the Toy Museum.

To start our new topic 'Down Memory Lane', we brought in toys from home to share with our friends. We thought about why we like them, what they are made from and the features they have. We also explored some of the toys we had as a baby.
As part of our winter topic, we went on a winter scavenger hunt. Moss, a magpie, a pine tree, holly, ivy, frost, peeling bark and bare trees are just a few of the things we found.
In English, we are learning about what makes a successful set of instructions. We followed instructions closely to make hot chocolate. In our next lesson, we will be using what we have learned to write our own set of instructions. Afterwards, we got to take our hot chocolate outside and drink it in the gazebo whilst listening to a winter story.
Autumn 2018

In English, we have been writing poems based on the book 'Leaf Man'. First, we had to learn about verbs, prepositions and nouns. Then, we had to use them in our wrting. We are really proud of our finished work.

To start our new topic on 'Seasons', we went for an autumn scavenger hunt. We took photos of the things we found. Here are just a few:

To finish our topic on 'All Creatures Great and Small', we made animals out of egg boxes. Can you guess which animals we've made?

We wanted to find out who cares for animals when they are unwell. To help us to answer this question we invited Hannah, a Veterinary Nurse and Jackie, a Veterinary Surgeon from Chestnut Vets to tell us about the type of work they do at their Vet's Surgery in Ware. We met 'Ben' a poorly dog who had swallowed a few foreign objects. We learnt that looking at an x ray can enable us to identify items in a dog's tummy that should not be there. Hannah and Jackie helped us to set up an operating theatre with our own Vet Surgeon and Vet Nurse to give Ben his injection and the anaesthetic gas.  Several minutes later, the strange objects were carefully removed by our medical team and he was sewn back together to heal up!  

Continuing our observations of the body structures of different kinds of animals, look what we've been doing in Topic this week:

This week in Science, we have been comparing the bodies of different types of animals. We explored the bodies of reptiles and amphibians and then used what we had found out to make clay models of crocodiles, lizards, snakes and frogs.

As part of our Learning to Learn topic, we read a book called 'The Dot'. We found out that even a tiny dot can become a fantastic piece of art if we keep trying and believe we can do it. Here's Year 1 creating art work inspired by 'The Dot'.

We have started Year 1 thinking about what makes us 'super'. Here's what we think:


Take a look at the photos from our latest Computing Day on programming.

The reading corner has been transformed: ready for our new topic ‘Journeys Around Britain’. Below is a sneak peek. Can you guess what it might be?

For the last day of our topic 'What's growing in your garden?', we looked at how an apple tree changes through the seasons. We made our own stand up trees to show the changes.

In Science, we made collages of wild plants found in our school grounds. We looked carefully at the different parts of the plants and then labelled them. Can you spot a Sunflower? Or perhaps the Bluebell?

Year 1 had a fabulous morning at the KS1 Multiskills Festival.

Toy Workshop - At the end of the Spring Term, Year 1 had a visitng toy workshop from Hertford Museum.

Sponsored Run for Sports Relief - Well done Ash Class for all that hard work for Sports Relief. You ran and ran and ran!

At the end of our computing day we made a mind map of all the things we had learnt:

Have you seen our new Reading Corner? What about our classroom door? Do you know which book cover it is has been transformed in to?

In November, the whole school took part in a sponsored Readathon. One of the activities we did, to celebrate reading, was invite our parents in to read with us. It was very special to have our parents sharing books with us in our classroom.

Continuing with our theme of 'All Creatures Great and Small' we made animals out of egg boxes in DT. We had to design our animals, think about the materials we would need and then assemble our animals. We also used lots of other skills such as cutting, sticking and colour mixing as we only had black, white, red, blue and yellow available to us. Finally, we evaluated our work. We are really happy with our final products.


Can you guess which animals we've made?

In October, as part of our topic on 'All Creatures Great and Small', we had a farm visit us at school. First, we talked about the different animals and some of their features. Then, we were allowed to go in to the pen to meet and stroke the animals.


How many different types of animal can you spot?

Welcome to Ash - Year 1!


Welcome to our class page. We would love to share our learning with you.

Academic Year 2017-2018

Forest School is great!


We have been learning about autumn in our beautiful school grounds at Forest School.  Year 6 joined us in the afternoon for our campfire.  What fun!  Many thanks to all our helpers.

We have been 'Learning to Learn'!

Year 1 have been learning about the brain.  We found out that it looks a bit like a cauliflower, smells like cheese and feels like jelly.  We made a 'class' brain by becoming neurons and built learning pathways using skipping ropes.  We imagined what our brains look like inside.

2015 - 2016

Space to Earth sponsored walk

We thoroughly enjoyed helping the school walk all the way from the space station to Earth.  Most of us ran...some of us walked!  A brilliant job done by all - well done everyone.

Spring has arrived!

We went out to look for signs of spring with Year 4.  Look what we found!  We were especially excited to find frogspawn in our pond. 

We made bird's nests!

We discovered that the birds are beginning to build their nests around our school grounds.  Mrs Sizer challenged us to become birds and build our own nests!  It was a lot harder than we thought it would be.   

Down Memory Lane - Part 2

We have continued our topic by looking at the history of toys.  What fun we have had!  We brought in our own favourite toys to share.  Then we brought in some of the toys that our parents and grandparents played with and made our own class museum.  We also had a visit from Hertford museum who brought in lots of old toys for us to play with.  It was really interesting finding out what they were made of and how they worked.  We all thought they were a lot more fun than our computer games! 

Down Memory Lane - Part 1

This term we have been enjoying our topic 'Down Memory Lane'.  We started by looking at the history of shops and found out that there weren't big supermarkets when our grandparents were little.  The shops were much smaller and usually only sold one type of product.  We had fun making our own drapers, grocers, hardware and toy shops.

Reverend Alan came to visit Year 1

We enjoyed a visit by Reverend Alan to our class.  Before his visit we wrote lots of questions that we wanted to find out about Jesus.  Reverend Alan helped us understand more about the early life of Jesus. 

Year 1 enjoyed welcoming year 6 to their classroom to read to them!

Look...we have some class pets!

This week we had seven new additions to Year 1...African land snails!  We are learning how to care for them and will be observing how they change over time.  If you would like to keep some snails yourself, look out for our instructions coming very soon.  Now we need to decide what to call them.

Outdoor Learning at Forest School

We enjoyed our first Forest School session, looking for signs of autumn.  There were lots of different coloured leaves, conkers, acorns and berries.  We discovered that the leaves seem to be falling off some trees but not on others.  We will oberve carefully over the next few weeks to see what happens.  What signs of autumn can you see?     

All Creatures Great and Small!


This term we have been enjoying our topic 'All Creatures Great and Small'.  A couple of weeks ago we had a visit from Ark Farm and learnt all about the different features of farm animals and how to care for them.  What fun!  Afterwards we wrote our own information books about farm animals and shared these with the children in Oak class.