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Hertingfordbury Cowper Primary School home page

Hertingfordbury Cowper C of E (VA) Primary School

Rooted in Jesus, Growing in Wisdom, Overflowing with Thankfulness
Colossians 2:7

Cedar - Year 5

Learning to Learn

As it is the start of a new academic year, the children have been reminded of the importance of 'Learning to Learn' and learnt much more about how their brain receives information and, more importantly, how our brains form connections to support us in our learning. The children created their own neurons (of which we have 100 billion in our brains!) and we demonstrated as a class, using their own neurons, how connections were formed. We then used string to show how these connections get stronger and stronger the more we use them. The children played different types of games to find out how their brain learnt best and created their own brain craft to show off their new learning. As you can see, at the end of Friday, Year 5 hung up their brains as they definitely deserved a rest! 

Welcome to Cedar Class - Year 5

I hope you have all had a restful summer and are ready for the start of a new year!

Academic Year 2020 - 21


2019 - 20

Home Learning

The end of home learning!

Dear Year 5,

     Can you believe it? This marks the end of your home learning! It has been such a joy to see all the work and activities you have been doing this week and every other so I hope you are feeling proud of yourselves! Thank you also to all the parents who have helped with fractions, story writing, art projects and so much more! Have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday.

     Take care,

     Miss Tomlinson laugh

Week beginning - 29th June 2020

Dear Year 5,

     How are you? What made you happy last week? What made you laugh? It is now the start of Week 5 of Summer 2 and also the final week of home learning. There are, as always, some new activities for you to try. Mrs Mo has yet another music challenge for you so scroll down to find out more. Also, if you have yet to enter Mrs Richard's science competition you can watch this video to find out what it is all about!

     Stay safe,

     Miss Tomlinson laugh

Other home learning
To find out about your third music challenge, watch the video Mrs Mo has created for you in the Video Resource Centre.

Gallery of your home learning (W.B. 22.06.20)

Dear Year 5,

     Wow! Your art work is amazing! Thank you so much for sending me your work this week, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your English, being amazed by your maths and getting to see your artistic and creative sides. Thank you also for the pictures of bike rides, baking and puppies! You have all continued to work incredibly hard this week, which must have been difficult because it was so hot!

     Have a great weekend!

     Miss Tomlinson laugh

Week beginning - 22nd June 2020

Dear Year 5,

     How are you? What did you do last week that you were really proud of? It is now the start of Week 4 of Summer 2 and I imagine that finding the motivation to do school work at home is becoming really difficult. Keep persevering! A little bit of English and maths a day will really help you when you come back to school. Perhaps you do them first thing in the morning then you can have the rest of the day to explore your other interests, especially as it is due to be wonderfully hot this week and I am sure you would like to get your school work out of the way so you can play outside! smiley

     Very excitingly, Mrs Richards has created a science competition for the year groups currently not at school. If you would like to find out what you need to do then watch this video: Years 2, 3, 4 and 5 - Science Competition

     Also, Mrs Mo has another fantastic music challenge for you to try at home!

     Thank you for all your hard work, you are fantastic!

     Stay safe,

     Miss Tomlinson laugh


Dear Year 5 parents/carers,

     I hope you are all well and finding a way to balance some home learning in a way that best suits your family. Below are the suggested home learning activities for this week. They are suggested activities and I hope there is a good mix.

     I just wanted to clarify that you can choose how many or how few of these you do. I wanted to provide lots of ideas for you so you didn't have to spend time researching yourself, as I know your time is precious. The English tasks have multiple activities, it may be that you only have time to do one. The Science work on life cycles involves some writing, so this could be the English task for one day or two days etc. We have done lots of research in school so hopefully your children are able to access this independently. This week, the Computing task is about algorithms (a set of instructions) for making a pizza. However, following any recipe would work just as well. If you're feeling brave, perhaps they could help cook dinner! Or it could be following a set of instructions for a craft kit or building a lego set.

     As I find a lot of activities, there are also a lot of resources. I can't upload them individually onto the Year 5 class page as you would be doing a lot of scrolling, hence the use of zip files. However, I understand this can be difficult to access the work. Therefore, this week underneath the English/Maths resources folders you will see a document labelled, 'Selection of English/Maths'. I have taken a selection of the activities found in the zip files and put them into one PDF to allow easier access. The selection of English tasks all relate to the spelling/grammar work. The writing element of English can be covered when they explain the life cycle of their chosen insect in their Science task or they could write their own set of instructions (linking with their Computing task). Please feel free to be flexible! The PSHE task is one that they can access independently and, after reading the task, doesn't require technology. I will continue to bear in mind activities that promote independence and no tech!

     I hope this helps and thank you for your support,

     Miss Tomlinson

Other home learning

Gallery of your home learning (W.B. 15.06.20)

Dear Year 5,

     Thank you for all the home learning that I have continued to be sent this week. I know it is getting really difficult to stay motivated with your home learning, especially as each week goes on, so I just want to say thank you and how proud I am of you. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the emails you have sent me updating me on what you are getting up to and I have loved seeing the cute puppy pictures! 

     Have a great weekend!

     Miss Tomlinson laugh

Week beginning - 15th June 2020

Dear Year 5,

     How are you? Are you ready for Week 3 of Summer 2? This week there are some exciting new learning activities for you. If you scroll down you will see a 'Music' section, where you will find an exciting challenge set for you by Mrs Mo! Mrs Bennett has been hard at work updating the school's science page and there are now many practical investigations on there for you to try at home. To find out more, go to the school's science page. Please note, the maths resources this week have had to split into three different folders in order to get them to upload.

     Thank you for all your hard work, you are brilliant!

     Stay safe,

     Miss Tomlinson smiley

Other home learning

Year 5, you are so lucky because Mrs Mo has set up a very exciting music challenge. I won't spoil it...just open the document below to find out more!

Gallery of your home learning (W.B. 08.06.20)

Dear Year 5,

     Wow! I have been blown away by the fantastic work that I have been sent this week. You are doing such a fantastic job and should be so so proud of all the home learning you are doing. Thank you also for the updates on other activities you have been up to, such as baking, face painting and being able to see horses close up on your walks. It is such a joy to see. I would like to apologise for any mistakes in the answers to any of this week's home learning. As I like to say in class, "...just testing!" laugh

     Speaking of joy, there have been a few odd occasions this week where I have seen some of you - either in or walking past the school - and it has been so wonderful. I am missing seeing you all and hope that you are also managing to find moments of joy in this very strange time.

     Have a lovely weekend 

     Stay safe,

     Miss Tomlinson smiley

Week beginning - 8th June 2020

Dear Year 5,

     How are you? How was the second week back of Summer 2? Hopefully you got to enjoy the beautiful weather at the start of the week and fingers crossed the sunshine will return soon!

     Thank you for all your continued hard work as you continue to learn from home. You are doing a great job! This week, we finish 'The Machine Gunners' and I've put together a variety of other home learning activities, which you will hopefully enjoy.

     Keep up the great work and keep safe,

     Miss Tomlinson smiley

Other home learning

Gallery of your home learning (W.B. 02.06.20)

Dear Year 5,

     What a brilliant first week back to Summer 2! As always, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the emails that have been sent through to our class email address. Thank you to those of you who completed the Computing task and emailed me directly! It is so hard not to reply to you but please know I have a lot to ask you and chat to you about when we all get back to school. smiley

     Thank you for the history project I received. I found it fascinating to look through, with the photographs and maps, and it clearly showed a lot of hard work. I have loved hearing about the tadpoles that have been discovered in one of your ponds and did a lot of giggling when reading through some of the simile work, which hopefully wasn't " boring as lockdown"! Continuing to hear from you is such a delight and I am so proud of all the work you are doing. I know it's hard to stay motivated at home but keep up the fantastic work!

     Continue to do what works best for you and have a great weekend!

     Stay safe,

     Miss Tomlinson laugh

Week beginning - 2nd June 2020


Dear Year 5,

     How are you? I hope you all had a lovely half term and enjoyed the beautiful weather we had. Wasn't it glorious? What did you get up to? As it is the start of a new half term, I have made a short video message for you all, which you can find in the Video Resource Centre if you would like to watch it. It's called 'Start of Summer 2!' and I tell you a little bit about our new topic.

     Thank you for all your hard week whilst you have been learning from home. I have been really pleased with everything that I have seen and have also loved being told about the other activities, that really interest you, that you are getting up to at home. So please keep in touch, via our class email, through this half term as well. I really enjoy hearing from you. 

     Please find below your suggested home learning activities for this week. As we have an INSET day on Monday, our half term starts on Tuesday 2nd so it is a four day week. Therefore, there are four English and maths activities to keep you occupied as well as some other home learning suggestions.

     Keep up the great work and keep safe,

     Miss Tomlinson smiley



Other home learning

Summer 2



Gallery of your home learning (W.B. 18.05.20)

Dear Year 5,

     Thank you for all your hard work this week, and every week that we have not been at school. I am so proud of you, whether I've seen your work and activities in the class email or heard from you otherwise. You have produced some excellent work around our English book, your maths is looking brilliant and you have done amazingly well with your rainbow experiments - mine looked like a swamp! Thank you for sharing all the other activities that you are getting up to at home that interest you, it is such a joy to see. This is a really different way of trying to learn, and it isn't always easy, but thank you for doing your best. Remember, your best will be different to everyone else's. (I am really missing saying that to you in class!). 
    Parents, thank you for all your support with the home learning. I cannot imagine how difficult it is and please remember these are suggested activities for you to fit in as you see best with your family at this uncertain time. 

     I think, Year 5 (and your parents!), you will all be glad to have half term next week! You have thoroughly deserved a break, so enjoy every moment! Fingers crossed the weather will stay as beautiful as it has been this last week. Summer 2 does not start until Tuesday 2nd June, so have a brilliant 10 days of rest!

     Stay safe,

     Miss Tomlinson laugh

Week beginning - 18th May 2020

Dear Year 5,

     I hope you all had a restful weekend and are now ready for the final week of Summer 1. It has been a rather strange half term but I have loved seeing all the excellent work that you have been doing, as well as the fun activities you have been getting up to. Keep up the amazing work!

     Miss Tomlinson smiley

Other home learning

Gallery of your home learning (W.B. 11.05.20)

To Year 5 and your parents,

     Thank you again for all your emails this week, and sharing with me the work and activities you have been up to! I am so pleased you are enjoying 'The Machine Gunners' and have thought about your own secret hiding places. Thank you for sharing these with me, but I haven't included them in the gallery otherwise they wouldn't be so secret anymore! From the things I am seeing and hearing it seems like you are all doing such a brilliant job! Have a wonderful and restful weekend. 

     Keep safe,

     Miss Tomlinson laugh

Week beginning - 11th May 2020

Dear Year 5,

     I hope you all had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend and managed to rest and relax. It is now our fourth week of the Summer Term and below are some suggested activities to help with your learning.

     Keep up the amazing work!

     Miss Tomlinson smiley

Other home learning


A message from Mrs Mo:

Choir - There are two new videos on the website with a song for you to learn at home.  Please have a look at the Music section on the Video Resource Centre.  I hope you enjoy singing it!

Gallery of your home learning (W.B. 04.05.20)


To Year 5 and your parents,

     Thank you so much for all your emails this week. I love seeing all the work you have been up to but equally I love to see the activities you are doing at home that really interest you. Thank you Lily for your postcard, it sounds like you are keeping very active! To those who have sent me pictures of you and your work for the website, I have put together a collection of these into a gallery below. You should be very proud of all your hard work and you definitely deserve to enjoy the long Bank Holiday weekend!

     Keep safe,

     Miss Tomlinson 



     Happy Wednesday! I have been asked about the Newsround clip for this week's suggested Computing task. To clarify, it is any Newsround episode. The focus is on how the sound changes between different news stories, e.g. the main story to a sports story to a feel good piece of news! I hope this helps.

Worship at Home - Joy

I hope you have all had a lovely start to the week, hasn't the weather been a nice surprise! This week's Worship at Home is all about the Christian Value of Joy. The first part is to think of what 'joy' means to you, which is very important at this time. (There is also a bit about baking further down! laugh) Click on the heading to take you there directly.

Week beginning - 4th May 2020

Dear Year 5,

     I hope you have had a lovely weekend and are ready for the start of Week 3 of the Summer Term.    

     Please find below the suggested learning activities for this week. There are four activities for Maths and English this week because we have a Bank Holiday on Friday. You can discover more about why this Bank Holiday is special in the history task I have set you. There are videos to accompany most English and Maths task this week, you will find these in the video resource centre. In some cases there is more than one video per task depending on how I've managed to get them to upload. If you would like to keep sending me your work I would love to see it. Please make it clear in the email if you do not want me to share it on the class website.

     Enjoy your week,

     Miss Tomlinson smiley

I've had a message about the activities for Task 1 - Formal multiplication so I have put the 'choose your challenge' sheets here as well. The answers are at the end of the document. Please also note, the video for this math's is now in one video (Maths - 4.5.20) as I have managed to put Part 1 and Part 2 together.
Home Learning

Gallery of your home learning (W.B. 27.04.20)


To Year 5 and your parents,

     Thank you SO much for all your emails this week, it is still the highlight of my day reading every email and piece of work. You are all doing such fantastic things at home (baking, finding treasure in the woods, movie making, designing inventions) so thank you for sharing these with me. Thank you Leo for your email, it was lovely to hear what you have been up to and Ruthie your English work was brilliant! To those who have sent me pictures of you and your work for the website, I have put together a collection of these into a gallery below. I am so highly impressed and proud of you all! You clearly deserve a restful and relaxing weekend!

     Keep safe,

     Miss Tomlinson smiley


    The video required for today's English task will not upload to the website so I am in contact with technical support. I have copied out the passage that the children will need for the activity. Please find it below. Thank you for your understanding, Miss Tomlinson 


     If you would like to continue an act of weekly worship at home, our school now has a 'Worship at Home' area on the curriculum page of the website. Here activities and thoughts are provided by the Diocese of St Albans Schools Team.

Worship at Home

     Thank you for your patience this week as videos have been uploaded to the website, I hope they are supporting you at home. The spelling activities are on pg 4-5 of the 'English Home Learning' pdf and the answers are in the SPAG Resources folder. I will put them altogether next week.



Good morning, Year 5,

    Welcome to a new week of home learning! I have loved seeing all the work you have been doing so far - you should be very proud of yourselves! If there is any work or other things you've been getting up at home, please email me.

mail mail

     Below are your suggested tasks for this week. You will see that the Maths and English work is slightly different as I have planned five tasks for each, which you can use as a 'one per day' activity if you would like. There will also be some teaching videos from me as well, all explained in the resources below. As always, do what is manageable for you and your family at this time.

Keep safe and have a wonderful week,

Miss Tomlinson smiley

Week beginning - 27th April 2020
Other home learning

Gallery of your home learning (W.B. 20.04.20)


To Year 5 and your parents,

     Thank you SO much for all your emails this week, it is without doubt the highlight of my day! Seeing everything you are getting up to, not just school work, but all your creativity, exploration and learning through the activities that interest you fills me with so much joy. Even though I cannot reply to them, please know I read through every single one of them and often verbalise my replies, such as "Wow!", "That work is brilliant!" and "You should be really proud of yourself!" (some of my family think I am going mad talking to myself!) Do not worry if you did not manage as much as you wanted at home this week, everyone has different challenges. Do what is best for you and your family and that is more than enough

     Please keep the emails coming and I will continue to share the photographs in a gallery at the end of each week. I have (hopefully) uploaded all of your photographs of this week but I don't think they are in any order as the website kept crashing! 

     I was asked a great question this week, in a letter. I will answer it for you this weekend in a video that I will upload onto the Video Resource Centre, although I don't expect you to see it until Monday!!!

Have a fantastic weekend - you deserve it!

Miss Tomlinson smiley


I have been asked to share some reading recommendations for you, so if you click on the link below you will see me sharing some great reads from a familiar location...

Year 5 Reading Recommendations

Below is a document with the link to a website that has a recommended reading list for Year 5 that I talk about, as well as additional books that I think are fantastic!


Happy Monday, Year 5!

     This week at school you would have been completing your Bikeability qualification. However, why not get out on your bikes at home or try out some of the BMX jumps and tricks you learnt in the autumn BMX Workshop in the garden?

    BBC Bitesize are producing daily lessons to help you learn from home and you may be interested in watching some of their videos and completing their activities. I will put a picture of this weeks timetable below and I have circled a Geography lesson about local area which may link to your half term History project (as it's coming out tomorrow I haven't been able to pre-watch it but hopefully it's good). There are also lots of English and Maths videos which would be great to keep up your skills and revise concepts we've previously looked at. This week for example, there are activities to do with negative numbers and smiles and metaphors - areas you are great at!

BBC Bitesize - Year 5 lessons

     The weather this week is due to be beautiful so why not take your learning outside? You could read, write a letter, play the suggested maths game, sketch for art or do your PE lesson all outdoors in the sunshine! Thank you for all the emails I have received so far. I love seeing what you are up to! Please let me know whether its ok to share your pictures online as I would love to create a gallery each week.

Have a great week!

Miss Tomlinson smiley


Hi, Year 5!

     How were your Easter holidays? Did you manage to relax and rest? Did you have time to play and have fun? What were the best bits of your holidays? Did you get any Easter eggs? Have you got any left?! I hope you are all really well and managed lots of downtime and family time over the holidays. 

    Below you will find some suggested home learning activities for this week as well as a History project that will last the half term. This week I have introduced something new! On the 'Home Learning' document is a new section called 'Picture of the Week'. Just like in class when I showed a picture on the board for you to discuss, share thoughts and ask questions we can now do the same from home! As always, please do what is manageable for you and your parents.

     If you have any news, pictures, work, interesting facts or thoughts on 'Picture of the Week', that you'd like to share with me then you can always send them to our class email address:

Stay safe,

Miss Tomlinson smiley

Week beginning 20th April 2020
Other home learning
Easter activities
If you would like some fun activities to try over the Easter break, STEM (the organisation for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics learning) have created a number of different experiments and activities to try. STEM Easter activities

What is coronavirus? Why can't I see my friends or other family members?

To parents,

If you are being asked these questions or others by your children and you're not sure how to explain it, then take at look at the link below. Mrs Richards has made us aware of a children's book that has been created, in a child-friendly format, to help explain what is going on at the present and why.  Coronavirus: A book for children


Good morning Year 5!

     How are you? Are you enjoying the Easter holidays? I hope you're having lots of fun whether that be outside in your gardens, on a walk or relaxing indoors. As it's the holidays, I won't be posting any new home learning until 20th April yes So please use this time to rest, relax and recharge!

     I have absolutely loved receiving your emails with the work you've been completing at home. Please scroll down and have a look at what you, or your classmates, have been up to!

     I have uploaded a video into the Video Resource Centre where you can see a little message from me and the first chapter of a book I will be reading. When I am reading, can you spot the word with a silent letter that we learnt in class? Hint: It is a pretty tricky word that means glum or sad. 

     Parents, I hope that the home learning put online has been helpful to you. This is a really difficult time for all and I don't want to be adding any pressure to you as you balance many, many plates. My aim is to try and make it as easy as possible for you. Please do not feel obligated to complete every activity I put online but find the balance that works for you and your family. 

     Lastly, I want to wish you all a wonderful Easter break,

     Miss Tomlinson smiley

Gallery of your home learning
Thank you Corbin, Honour and Amelia for sharing your fantastic home learning. The desserts look delicious - restaurant standard! - and you could definitely have future careers as illustrators! It has been lovely to see you sharing your learning with you parents and sharing new skills together laugh I am so proud of you all!
How well do you remember our topic of the Ancient Greeks? Need a reminder? It's OK, Corbin's got you covered with his presentation yes

Fancy something new to read? Can I interest you in a comic or a myth?

There's two new authors, Amelia and Honour, who's work you definitely need to read laugh


Hi Year 5!

     I hope you and all your families are well and safe. Hopefully you have managed to get outside once a day for some fresh air and have had fun at home. It is very strange not seeing you all but I've enjoyed uploading the photo's of our Ancient Greek Day onto the school website, just scroll down to find them!

     Very excitingly, we now have a class email address,

where your parents can send me any examples of work, interesting facts or photos of activities that you have done and would like me to see. Just put your name on the email and let me know if you would or would not like it to feature on the school website. Mrs Richards has explained a little more about this in her newsletter, 'The Heart of Hertingfordbury Cowper' which was sent out via email on Friday. I cannot wait to see what you have been up to!



A message from Mrs Mo to all members of the KS2 Choir:

Please check the Choir section in School Clubs on the website where you can find suggestions for things to be doing at home.


Stay safe,

Miss Tomlinson smiley

Week beginning 30th March 2020

I hope you all managed to spend time with your families and out in the beautiful sunshine last week. Below are some suggested activities to help you with your home learning.

Miss Tomlinson smiley

Home Learning Ideas - Other Subjects
Week beginning 23rd March 2020

I hope that during this unexpected time away from school you are able to make some special memories with your loved ones by having fun and playing, whilst following the government guidelines.


To help with home schooling, please find below some suggested activities for learning. I will endeavour to update the Maths and English learning on a regular basis and will give you a variety of activities to choose from. To parents, I have tried to give more rather than less so that you have a 'bank of information and resources' to draw upon and therefore this should, hopefully, be one less thing for you to worry about. 


Wishing you all well at this uncertain time.


Stay safe and I hope to see you all again soon,


Miss Tomlinson smiley




Good morning Year 5!

Please find below the answers to last week's homework, as promised. You'll see your homework sheet first but keep scrolling down and then you'll see the answers.

Well done everyone! yes


Cross Curricular Project
Other - Home Learning
Spring 2
Ancient Greek Day!
On Wednesday 18th March, we got to fully immerse ourselves in the world of Ancient Greece! It was such a fun day, incorporating lots of different activities and aspects of Ancient Greek life. This included the children being able to show off their battle shields and complete the final stage of becoming Greek potters by decorating the vases and pots they'd created in an earlier Art lesson. Scroll down to find out a little more - and see some pictures - about what we got up to!
Campaigning to the Ekklesia

Prior to Ancient Greek day, Year 5 had been learning about persuasive writing in their English lessons. They had specifically been looking at manifestos and the techniques that campaigners would use to convince voters. Every child in the class imagined that were an Ancient Athenian and thought of an issue or injustice that they believed should be taken to the Ekklesia (government) and voted into law. They then performed their manifesto to the rest of class showing off their fantastic public speaking skills!

Welcome to the Ancient Greek Olympics!
No opening Olympic ceremony would be complete without a pre-games parade in front of the King of Gods, Zeus, where he is presented with our sacrifice of 100 oxen! Before the Games began, all athletes joined together to say the Olympic Oath. Events included the javelin, discus, 200m dash, chariot race and relay chariot race. Great competing from all!

A banquet fit for royalty


Lunchtime was rather different on Ancient Greek Day as the children were treated to an banquet of traditional Greek foods such as stuffed vine leaves, feta cheese and hummus. To make the banquet more authentic, the children served each other the food and were able to finish off their meal by eating their own homemade Greek dessert that they had made earlier in the day. 
Treasure Hunt
Just before the children went inside to look at each other's Greek projects, they took part in a treasure hunt around the playground. All the clues were related to their learning about Ancient Greece over the half term and they all did incredibly well!
GSK Science Show
On Tuesday 11th March, Year 5 were invited to watch and take part in the GSK Science Show all about solids, liquids and gases. Before the show, the children got "hands-on" with different activities such as building molecules and atoms, using microscopes, seeing a Van der Graff generator, testing their reflexes and seeing the importance of washing their hands thoroughly! During the show, children got to watch intriguing experiments such as a relighting match, a rocket bottle filled with gas, changing colours of flames, glow in the dark liquids and lasers and a ping-pong experiment that ended with an almighty bang! All the children had a great time and in the afternoon created a poster or presentation about their learning. This will then enable them all to receive their Industrial Cadets Challenger Award.
In their Computing lessons, Year 5 have been learning about robotics and systems. They have recently been learning about abstractions and are now focusing on de-bugging code. This week their task was to de-bug and then extend a code for a computer-based maths quiz.
How well insulated is our school?
As part of our materials topic in science the children have been investigating the purposes of everyday materials in our school environment. They have looked at why, when a number of different materials could have been used, a certain material has been picked. What are its properties and how are they suitable for the purpose of the material? As part of this investigation, the children tested how well insulated our school building is by conducting the 'tissue test'. The children judged how much the tissues moved near door and window frames to report back...and they thought our school was quite well insulated!
The Grand Canyon
Whilst looking at the human and physical geography around the world, this week the children focused on the Grand Canyon. They learnt how it was formed through physical processes and the tourism (human geography) that is currently there to attract people to see its panoramic vistas. We spoke about the indigenous tribes who lived there long before the tourists arrived and the shift of the tectonic plates to help create this national park. The children then created an abstract piece of art, using the influence of map symbols, to show their understanding of the different human and physical geography in the Grand Canyon.
Save The Iron Man...
...from rusting! In Science, Year 5 have planned an observation over time. Their task is to prevent or slow down the process of rusting that will inevitably happen to The Iron Man as he walks over the fields and off cliff-tops. Each group decided which materials to test in order to slow down this non-reversible change. Would petroleum jelly work? Or covering him in sellotape? What about placing him for ever more in an air-tight container? Where should the experiment be placed? In a cupboard? Outside? Maybe by the radiator? The children are using nails to represent The Iron Man and will observe whether any rusting has started to take place in a few weeks time. The experiment will be left to run throughout this term until Easter and possibly until the end of the year!
Previously, Year 5 separated a mixture and were left with a salt water solution. All groups placed their bowl of solution near the radiator in order for the evaporation process to take place. Finally, the results are in! In all of the children's solutions, the water has evaporated leaving behind large salt crystals. We discussed why some groups bowls took longer than others and why the crystals are much larger than the salt we put in.
Uh-oh, what a mess!

Year 5 were introduced to their new Science unit on materials by being given a muddled mess of materials. The problem was...each teacher wanted their materials back exactly as they had lent them! The children started to discuss how to separate their mixture using the limited resources provided to them: a cup, a paper bowl, a spoon, tweezers, filter paper, a magnet and a piece of silver netting. Before they could start their investigation, tt got worse. Their mixtures were covered in water! 

As you can see, the children did a fantastic job of separating the mixtures with the only two materials not pictured being the sand and the salt. The class decided the sand needed to dry on the radiator (as Nursery would not want the wet, clumped sand back) and the salty solution left is also by the radiator so that the water can evaporate leaving salt crystals behind. We're excited to see the results after the weekend!

Tropic of...?
This half term Year 5's topic is 'Location, Location!'. Predominantly a Geography-based unit, the children today were first tasked with defining new geographical vocabulary, using a matching game, and identifying where it would be found on a map or globe. 
The Arrival
The children have arrived back for the start of a new term, a new year and a new book in English! 'The Arrival' by Shaun Tan is a wordless graphic novel that tells the story of a man forced to leave his family and move to a new, imaginary country. A fantastic metaphor for the plight of many across the world, the children have explored the meaning of the novel through drama and fantastic discussion.
Spring 1
The abstract artists of Year 5



The children of Year 5 should be so incredibly proud of their finished pieces of abstract space art inspired by the work of Peter Thorpe.

Proving which bow is best for a boat
This week in Science the children investigated a different type of resistance, water resistance. Each group had to design a bow for a boat that would create the least water resistance. However...testing their designs in water was rather tricky to measure accurately because of the speed at which they dropped. Therefore, the groups tested their designs in liquids such as oil, bubble bath, washing up liquid and honey.
Big Data
Throughout the autumn term, the children have been learning about Big Data and it's role in the world. Therefore, their independent task at the end of the unit was to choose an area that particularly interested them and to then create a presentation that they could deliver to Year 3 to teach them. Everyone did a fantastic job!
How do you lift a heavy load?
This week Year 5 were learning about a different mechanism - a pulley. They had to set up a pulley system to lift different weights (and using different amounts of pulleys) to form an answer to the question, 'How do you lift a heavy load?' Whilst the children admitted you could lift the loads provided without a pulley, it was much easier the more pulleys you used.
Reading with Reception
Year 5 felt privileged to be asked to read with the children of Reception class this afternoon and help them on their reading journey. Thank you for having us!
How can levers help us?
This week, the children were looking at a different type of force that can be used through a mechanism. Linking to our understanding of a see-saw, children experimented with how was best to use a lever to lift a weight. They had to consider the best position for the fulcrum to be to allow the weight to lifted with greater ease.
Understanding air resistance
In Science this half term we are learning about forces. The best way to learn is through experimenting with these forces in order to be able to understand them. Today, the children felt the effect of air resistance by running around the playground with their coat open, done up and then raised above their head like a sail. 
BMX Growth Mindset Workshop with Mike Mullen
The whole school was incredibly lucky to have a wonderful assembly by champion BMX rider Mike Mullen. There were lots of gasps and ooh's as he performed tricks in the hall and spoke about having a positive, growth mindset in order to help us to continue to aim high. Year 5 were then fortunate enough to be able to put it into practise by having a workshop with Mike. Riding BMX bikes, the children built up their ability to either ride a bike or perform tricks with the stunts becoming more and more daring as the children really put their growth mindsets into practise.
Can you beat gravity?
As our Science learning moves from space to forces, there was one force the children knew really well - gravity! Using bubbles, the children were challenged to beat gravity for as long as they could using different techniques such as an electric fan, a paper fan, blowing and more. 
Autumn 2
Welcome to our Space Museum!
Over the course of the half term, the children have been busy at home creating, making, designing or writing their own space project. They were given creative freedom to produce anything related to space that was of interest to them and they could be as imaginative or as realistic as they liked. It was wonderful to see the range of projects that the children were created and it was even better to get to share these with other children in the school who visited our Space Museum!

Day and Night

As part of our Science learning about Space, the children were today investigating what a day is. Using globes, torches and a small stick in blue tac, they demonstrated the Earth's rotation in relation to the sun in order to investigate when and how night and day occurs. They also discussed the position of the sun in the sky across the day and how this affects shadows.

Galaxy Art

In Art, the children have been developing their blending and shading skills with dry media. They were tasked with creating their own imaginary galaxy from a selection of media resources, with the only criteria being there had to be some evidence of blending and shading on their planets. After a quick practise, the children produced some beautiful and colourful art that makes an area of our classroom look like an exciting galaxy!

Orbits of the planets

The children have just started their new topic - Space! They have learnt the names of the planets in the solar system and the order of the planets from the sun. In order to investigate the concept of a year, the children were tasked with creating the orbits of all planets in the solar system! Using the playground as the universe, the children decided how to mark out each orbit and which planet to start with. Following the construction, the children then played the roles of the planets whilst the rest of the children counted to ensure the orbits were going at the same speed. This allowed the children to clearly see the longest and shortest orbit and relate it to distance from the sun. Further research, revealed the shortest orbit round the sun is 88 days and the longest is 165 years! Do you know which planets these orbits relate to?

Learning to Learn

Our first week back at school has been an excellent opportunity to remind ourselves, and learn a little bit more about learning to learn. We discovered that there were many different parts of our brain, and that each part had a different purpose to help our body work. We learnt that our brains are each filled with 100 billion neurons that are continually helping us to live, grow and learn. Every time that we learn something new, our neurons make a connection (called a synapse) and over time, as we re-cap learning, re-call information and repeat actions the connections created between our neurons get stronger and stronger. To discover more about different types of learning we played lots of different activities: Where's Wally, Kim's Game, a listening game, learning to count to ten in Japanese, Boggle. This helped us to figure out what type of learner we are through which activities we found easier and why this was. To help with our learning we made fun brains containing (lots, but not all!) our neurons. Can you spot the synapses? 

Autumn 1

Welcome to Cedar - Year 5!


Outdoor maths
The children have been consolidating their understanding of area and perimeter as well as being challenged to find missing lengths on rectangles. To strengthen their understanding, each learning pair created a question which either involved calculating the missing length or finding the area. The second part of their task was to calculate the perimeter. The children enjoyed setting challenges for their classmates!

WWW Games


Year 5 were invited to compete in the WWW Games, alongside other schools, at Wodson Park where they represented the country Australia. The event started off with each team (country) parading around the track before pledging an oath to compete with fairness, sportsmanship and enthusiasm. Following this, the children split off into their separate activities. They were given around an hours practise before their competitive events started. The children took part in: rapid fire cricket, athletics, tennis, ultimate frisbee, archery, botcha, cheerleading and table tennis. All the children competed really well and should all feel proud of their efforts. Congratulations to those that won gold, silver and bronze medals, as well as to those that won 'Spirit of the Games' awards.
Where do you live?
In their Geography lesson, the children looked at Ordnance Survey maps in order to build up their map skills, for example: familiarising themselves with the symbols, grid lines and finding co-ordinates. All of the children worked really hard to locate familiar places and were thrilled to find where they live!
Fieldwork in the school grounds
As part of their study into where they live, the children have been looking at the geography in their local area. To practise field work techniques they went into the school grounds and stopped to really look at the environment they are in everyday. The children practised using compasses and directional language before finding north. After these they created 360º sketch maps of the outdoor space. They faced each compass direction (north, east, south and west) and were given a couple of minutes to carefully sketch what they could see facing that direction and what they could hear. 
Who's Charlie Hickman?

To conclude their topic work on local history, Year 5 have been looking at very local artefacts...old log books, map and records of the school. They were presented with the Hertingfordbury School chest and had to guess at what would be inside before being allowed to handle, inspect and investigate the items. The children greatly enjoyed finding out about old pupils, the number of children in the school and reading the regular updates from the headteacher. 


Who's Charlie Hickman though? Well, ask anyone in Year 5 and they'll be sure to tell you a few tales!

Summer 2
Hertford Town Trip

On Tuesday 14th May, Year 5 went on an exciting visit to the local town of Hertford in order to find out more about its history. The children started the day with a walk across Hartham Common and looked for different views of landscapes, which fits in with art work this half term. After they walked across to the museum and were treated to a workshop entitled 'Hertford's Home Front'. It gave the children a fantastic opportunity to handle, look at and be curious about artefacts from the war, including clothing, gas masks and food items. They were then tasked with thinking about which groups of people would have use of the artefacts and conducted an historical enquiry into a set of photographs from the time. Following this, the children were led on a tour of the town where they got to stop and look at buildings that they have often seen before but from a different viewpoint. Who knew there was an Anglo-Saxon cemetery under part of the town centre? How many rivers meet in Hertford? Have you heard the story about the handbag factory?

Thank you to all the parents who helped transport the children to and from our trip, your support is greatly appreciated.

Art critics
This half term the children are going to be creating their own landscape of Hertfordshire. Before they started any art learning, they were asked to think about what the word landscape meant. They then looked at different examples of painted Hertfordshire landscapes and some of their discussion included: which ones they liked or disliked and why, the colours and number of shades they could see and what they think it would be like to step into the painting. 
Mental Health Workshop
In preparation for an upcoming opportunity regarding mental health and social media use, the children were invited to a workshop about young people's mental health with a particular focus on online activity. The session began with children thinking of someone they think is amazing and the specific qualities that make that person amazing to them. After, the children listened to a fictional scenario about a child in school and, during the listening, paused intermittently to discuss what they would or could do in that situation. The children shared their ideas differently, either through drama, a song or an explanation. The session was concluded with a brief discussion on the pressures that some children may feel they are under and what to do if they feel this way. The themes raised during our workshop are going to be revisited during our PSHCE lessons. 
Questioning characters

In English, the children have been studying a novel of literary heritage; 'The Railway Children' by E. Nesbit. As part of their exploration of the characters (and their perspectives), the children were asked to think of questions for different characters in the story. They could ask them anything they were curious about, and use all their knowledge they had gained from the first four chapters. A big well done to: Ruth, Mother, Peter, Phyllis, Roberta and the Old Gentleman who took on their character roles with great gusto!

Using digital mapping
This half term the children learning more about where they live. They have been learning about the United Kingdom and how it is broken into countries, regions and counties. The children recapped what the difference is between a human and physical feature of geography and, using digital mapping, located certain features of the United Kingdom. They really enjoyed using the satellite and "street view" images and pictures to clearly see the human and physical features. Some of the features they located included: The Angel of the North, Dartmoor, Giant's Causeway and Blackpool Pleasure Beach.
What did Jesus do to save human beings?

The children have concluded their R.E. topic, 'What did Jesus do to save human beings?' by discussing the importance of different statements. They have thought and shared their ideas about which statements are the most and least important in regards to our enquiry question. Statements included: 'He took on himself the punishment that people deserved' and 'He performed miracles'. 

Finding the perimeter
In Maths, the children have been re-capping how to find the perimeter of a shape. They have been focused on finding perimeters of any rectilinear shape, including composite rectangles! To support them in their learning, the children have been using coloured matchsticks to create the shapes before finding the perimeter.
Summer 1
Welcome to Ancient Greece!
On Wednesday, the children were transported back in time to Ancient Greece! They arrived in school in their costumes and spent the day engaging in a number of different activities to conclude our history learning.

Finishing our work at the pottery

The children's clay pots have all dried and are ready for the finishing touches. Firstly, the children made a terracotta colour to cover their creation. Whilst they waited for this to dry they played the traditional Greek game of knucklebones. After, the children were able to add the decoration to their pot using a very fine paintbrush and black paint.

The Olympic Games

To warm up for the Olympics, the children learnt a Greek dance called the Hasapiko. This was practised quite a few times to get the steps as throughout the dance the repetition of the steps got faster and faster! Thoroughly warmed up, the children were now ready for the Olympics. The first event was the same as the very first event in the Ancient Greek Olympics - the 200m dash. This was followed by the javelin and to round up our games, the children were split into teams and competed in the race of amour.

Greek Banquet

Ready to refuel after the competition, the children were ready for their banquet. There was a selection of Greek food to try, including: Greek salad, feta cheese, olives, grapes, hummus, taramasalata, tzatziki, pitta bread, potatoes and stuffed vine leaves. The children were served their meal by "slaves", and took turns offering the food to their classmates. To end the meal, the children ate a Greek yoghurt and honey dessert that they had each made themselves earlier that day.

Performing their manifestos

After lunch, the children played a game of 'Medusa' where children were turned to stone if Medusa caught them. The children have since adapted this game to add in other Greek characters, such as Zeus, and this is so lovely to see. There was also time to complete in a treasure hunt around the playground where children had to solve clues that helped to consolidate their Greek learning from this term. Finally, the children went out to the performance area in the music garden and performed their manifestos to the electorate. The ideas presented included: giving women the right to vote, giving women the right to compete in the Olympic games, giving slaves a day off each week, changing the rules of an Ostracism, holding a prisoner Olympic games and giving Gods the opportunity to retire.

Greek Museum

At the very end of the day the children held a 'Greek Museum' where they displayed all their history work from this half term for their parents to see. It was a great success and well done Year 5 for all your hard work!

Greek potters
The children have been learning about the importance of vases to the Ancient Greeks. Each vase often has an intricate design depicting an aspect of Ancient Greek life or culture; for instance an Olympic event or a woman completing chores. The children have been practising their sketching skills by carefully observing Ancient Greek vases and drawing them. Then they were able to create their own design, also thinking about the shape of the vase they wanted to make. 
Japanese cross

In RE the children have been investigating the question, 'What did Jesus do to save human beings?' 

Looking at the image of a Japanese cross, the children were asked to consider what the image was telling us. They discussed the suffering of Jesus on the cross (Good Friday) but also that he is no longer there (instead there being an almost ghost-like shape) to indicate he is alive again (the empty cross on Easter morning).

The children used watercolours to create the background for their Japanese cross artwork ready for the cross that they will be creating next week.

Creating our own computer games
This term the children have been looking at robotics and systems in their Computing lessons. They have used Scratch to create different types of interactive games and are now working in pairs to design and make their own game, which they will present to the class in three weeks time. 
The Battle of Marathon
This week in their History lesson, the children were learning about the Battle of Marathon. In order for them to appreciate all the different people involved, and why the battle was so significant, they re-enacted the battle through drama. To make their battle more authentic, the children used their shields which they created based on Ancient Greek designs. 
Shield work
In order to prepare for an upcoming battle the children have been designing and making their own shields based on Ancient Greek designs. Inspiration has been taken from: gods and goddesses, mythical creatures, Greek patterns and more!

Where does the word alphabet come from? 

Well, from the Ancient Greek word alphabetos!


This week the children of Year 5 have been learning how to read and write in Ancient Greek. They have looked at the similarities between the Ancient Greek alphabet and the modern one used today, especially when it comes to writing their name! Then each child chose a fact that they had learnt so far in their History lessons and translated it into Ancient Greek. Can you work them out?

What happens when a candle burns?
To conclude our Science topic on materials and their changes, the children investigated what happens when a candle burns. They were able to carefully observe the changes of state a candle's wax goes through and they had a great discussion on whether this was a reversible or non-reversible change. In order to prove the need for oxygen to allow a candle to burn, we put a lit candle under a glass jar and estimated how long it would take for the flame to be extinguished. It didn't take very long...only 12 seconds!
Volcanic eruptions
Linking our Science learning on changing states of matter and our Geography learning on volcanoes, the children were challenged to find the best materials to make a volcanic eruption. The children began the lesson by looking at the effect of an effervescent tablet in water, and were excited by the fizzing and dissolving that occurred. After this they were presented with a number of liquids and fizzy solids (e.g. effervescent tables, bicarbonate of soda and baking powder) and had to plan their experiment. Finally, they were able to conduct their experiment and wait for the eruptions!
Building cube numbers
In maths, the children have been developing their knowledge of cube numbers by building them! They have done this to show a cubed number is itself times itself times itself, e.g. 2³ =  2 x 2 x 2
Outdoor games
The unexpected beautiful weather allowed our P.E. session to be moved outside, where the children engaged in a highly competitive game of 'Catch the Flag'. Well done to the children for demonstrating great teamwork, and for the individual pieces of skill and darting runs that won each game!
Spring 2
Learning aboard the Life Bus
This week the children were fortunate enough to have a PSHE session on the Life Bus. Their session looked at how they can look after their own physical and mental well-being and why it is important to take the time to do so. They were then set a very intriguing task. On the walls of the bus were nine 'human given' statements, for example "I need to be able to make mistakes", "I need to be able to have my own opinions" and "I need to be able to say 'no' sometimes". In small groups the children then had to decide which of these 'human givens' was the most important, and rank the rest in order down to least important. Finally, the children watched a short film about a friendship dispute. They discussed which 'human givens' each character was displaying and what they might do in that situation.
Understanding area
In maths this week, the children have been revisiting area. They have been estimating area using non-standard and standard units of measure. To help understand the scale of different standard units of measure, the children were tasked with making shapes that had an area of 1cm², 10cm² and 1m². The children didn't think making 1m² would be as tricky as it was!
Cupboard Catastrophe!

Oh no, lots of different materials in the science cupboard have all mixed together to form a mixture! 

The children were tasked with separating all the different ingredients (flour, dried peas, pasta, pencil shavings, sugar, paperclips and rice) so they could be put back into the science cupboard correctly. However, they were unable to use sieves because they were being used by another were they going to solve this problem?


In their maths lesson today, the chidren were practising their conversion of different units of measurement. In order to help them understand the difference in scale between the different units, they measured different objects in the classroom.
The children have been practising their gymnastics skills, specifically working on their vaulting. They have been perfecting their mounting of the vault and challenging themselves with the ways in which they are dismounting. 
Using Scratch to create an orbiting planet
Building on their space topic from last topic and developing their use of programming through Scratch, the children were tasked with creating an orbiting planet using the programme. 

Which solid is the hardest?


First of all children were asked to consider the question, 'Is a solid always hard?'


They were then given a selection of solids (bread, toast, dry pasta, cooked pasta, a marshmallow, a chocolate button, a jelly bean and butter) and had to predict which one was the hardest. Following their prediction they had to devise an experiment to test the question of which solid is hardest.