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Hertingfordbury Cowper Primary School home page

Hertingfordbury Cowper C of E (VA) Primary School

Rooted in Jesus, Growing in Wisdom, Overflowing with Thankfulness
Colossians 2:7

Rowan - Year 3

Academic Year 2020 - 2021

Autumn 1

Academic Year 2019-2020


Well done Rowan Class🌿


You made it to the end of our Year 3 Home Learning, I’m so proud of you and your families! You’re all superstars! ⭐️ 

Hi Year 3!


I hope that during this time you will be able to enjoy spending time with your families and having fun, whilst remaining safe!


Below are some suggested activities for you to complete during the school closure, I will be updating this page weekly, so do check back regularly for more activities to have a go at! 


If you have done something you would like to share with me, ask your adult at home if they can email it to . While I will not be replying, I would love to see what you are getting up to! It would be useful if you could include whether you give permission for your email to potentially be shared on our website. 


Stay safe,


Mrs Hornby smiley

Summer Term 2

Welcome back! We are now in Summer Term 2 and we have a brand new topic. Our topic for this half term is called 'We're Blooming' and it is all about plants! We have some exciting things coming up so keep checking our class page each week to see what activities you can do. 



I have loved seeing your emails showing me what you have been getting up to at home, please keep sending me updates of what you get up to!mail Below is a gallery of your photos from Summer Term 2 so far laugh

WB 29.6.20


Hi Year 3!


Welcome back to your last week of home learning! I wanted to say a huge well done to you and your families for continuing to work so hard even when we couldn't be together in school. You should be really proud of yourselves for how you have responded during this time - it has been challenging for everyone, and has definitely made this school year one to remember! I bet you are all very excited to return to school for a few weeks and see some of your friends before the summer holidays. 


This week you will be exploring wind farms in English and discovering the advantages and disadvantages of using them. You will be developing your decimals knowledge further in our Maths sessions. In topic, you will get to explore the desert biome and learn all about life there!


I'm missing you all, stay safe,


Mrs Hornby laugh

Other Areas of Learning:

WB 22.6.20


Hi Year 3!


I hope you had a great week last week, welcome back to another week of home learning. This week in English you will be writing a mystery story - how exciting! In maths we are continuing to explore tenths as decimals, keep persevering with those decimals.


Make sure you take a look at Mrs Mo's music challenge!


I miss you all, keep safe!


Mrs Hornby laugh

Other Areas Of Learning:

WB 15.6.20

Hi Year 3!


I hope you had a good week last week, and you are enjoying our new topic. I have seen some of you have had a go at planting your own seeds - hopefully you will start to see them grow soon!


This week we are taking a look at Rainforests in English and Topic, and we are recapping fractions and introducing decimals in maths. Take a look at the Other document to see an exciting art activity too. 

I hope you have a great week, hopefully it will be a bit warmer! 


Stay safe, 


Mrs Hornby laugh

Other Areas of Learning:

WB 8.6.20


Hi Year 3!


Welcome back to another week of home learning. I hope you had a great week last week, I have loved seeing some of your emails showing me what you have been getting up to at home. Hopefully you are all confident when telling the time now! 


This week we are learning about life cycles of a plant in English and worded problems in Maths. Make sure you check out Mrs Mo's music activities for this week - the Stomp looks very exciting!


I hope you have a lovely week,


Mrs Hornby laugh

Other Areas of Learning

WB 2.6.20


Hi Year 3!


Welcome back to another week of home learning. I hope you had a lovely half term staying at home and enjoying the sunshine. Hopefully you have been able to spend some time with your families and enjoy your exercise outdoors. 


We are now in Summer Term 2 and we have a new topic. Our home learning for this week starts on Tuesday 2nd June as Monday is an INSET day. We're starting to learn about our topic in English and we are learning to tell the time in Maths! Make sure you check out the 'Other' document to see some other activities you can be getting up to at home. As always, send me anything fun you are getting up to on our class email address, I love to see what activities you are doing at home! Scroll down to our 'Home Learning Gallery' to see some of things you have been getting up to at home!


Stay safe,


Mrs Hornby laugh

If you are already really confident in accurately telling the time to the nearest minute, there are some challenge practise questions to have a go at below. You do not need to complete them all but you can have a go at some of them if you are feeling confident. smiley
Other Areas of Learning:

Summer Term 1


Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed the Easter holidays and you have found some new ways of having fun while staying at home! We are now in the Summer term and hopefully the weather will stay as warm as it has been for the last few weeks. I have lots of new home learning ideas for you over the next few weeks so stay tuned to find out what's coming...

WB 18.5.20


Hi Year 3,


I hope you had a lovely weekend. Below are your English activities for the week, this week we are writing a mountain-themed adventure story! I know how much you enjoy writing stories, and hopefully you have been inspired by Sabryna and the River Spirit and The Man Who Bought A Mountain. I have also attached some other suggested activities for the week, and I will be uploading the maths as we go. 


Be sure to check out the Home Learning Gallery further down this page for a snapshot of your learning from the last few weeks!


I hope you have a great week,

Mrs Hornby laugh

There will be no maths video today, instead I would like you to practise your problem solving and reasoning skills with some more scaling word problems below. Enjoy!

WB 11.5.20


Hi Year 3, 


I hope you are all doing well. This week I am going to be uploading slightly differently. I will still be uploading daily maths videos (although you do not need to complete them on the day!), and I will be uploading a chapter of our book for this week each day on the Video Resource Centre. I have uploaded all of the English tasks that accompany the book below for you to complete when you can. I have also uploaded a document with some ideas for activities in other areas - although I know you have been getting up to some great things at home with your families, so don't stop those! 


I hope you have a great week,

Mrs Hornby laugh



Please find some maths questions below to complete at the end of the sequence, there is no video to accompany these as they are practise questions from sessions 15, 16, 17 and 18. 

English Tasks
Other Areas of Learning


Choir - There are two new videos with a song for you to learn at home.  Please have a look at the Music section on the Video Resource Centre.  I hope you enjoy singing it! (Anyone who is not Choir can also learn the song!)

Worship at Home

Visit our 'Curriculumpage to join in with our Worship at Home. 

7/5/20 Grouping Word Problems
6/5/20 Comparison Word Problems

6/5/20 Limerick Vocabulary


5/5/20 Limericks
5/5/20 Division Word Problems

4/5/20 Weekly Challenge 


This week your challenge is to create an outdoor scavenger hunt. Use the template below or create your own, see if you can spot something for every letter of the alphabet during your daily walk or time outside during the week. Have fun!

4/5/20 Maths Destination Questions 

1/5/20 Spellings

Each day at home you can still be doing spelling practise like we would be doing in school. Take a look at the Year 3/4 Word List below and see what spelling methods you can remember from our lessons in school...  (CLUE: pyramids, fancy writing, look, cover and write etc) You could also do some phonics practise! Remember when you are writing, if you are stuck on a word - write it out in all the ways you can think of and it might help you realise which one is correct! Happy spelling!

1/5/20 - Rainy Activity 

If the rain continues, why not create your own rain gauge and measure how much rain we receive over one week? Could you create a table and record the rain level each day? 

28/4/20 - English Persuasive Writing Vocabulary 

27/4/20 Weekly Challenge - have a go at my weekly challenge to learn the alphabet in British Sign Language. Here is a helpful picture to remind you of each letter. Check out my video on the Video Resource Centre. 
27/4/20 River Fact Sheets

23/4/20 Topic/English Website


Use this website to help with your research before you recreate the river's journey...


22/4/20 English Resources



As I am missing teaching you in our classroom so much, I have decided to create some videos so I can still teach you from at home! You will find them on the Video Resource Centre under 'Rowan'. I hope you enjoy them and the new learning. 


As we are now in the Summer term we have a brand new topic. You will have to watch my first topic video to find out what it is and find out what your first challenge is! You can find the video here.

The websites that I mention at the end of the video are:


I have also created my first maths session, this is about making a number 10 times bigger. You can find the video here. At the end of the video, I have put some questions for you to practise. If you would like to practise more, try rolling a dice twice to make a two-digit number, then try multiplying that number by 10 using the same method I did. (If you don't have one, you could try making one like this or choose your favourite 2 digit number.) Let me know how you got on by emailing me on our class email address! 


Be sure to check out my weekly challenges and try to improve your record each day! *IMPORTANT* Please remember when doing this activity to do it outside! You should not be completing this inside. 


I will be adding more videos this week so keep checking back, enjoy!


I have absolutely loved seeing all your emails showing me your home learning! It looks like you are having a great time, I'm glad that you are still loving learning - keep it up. 

Week beginning - 18/5/20


Here is just a snippet of your home learning from this week, keep up the great work Year 3!yes

Week Beginning 4/5/20 & 11/5/20


Take a look at just some of the wonderful work you have been getting up to at home! 

Week beginning 27/4/20


Wow Year 3! I have received SO many emails showing me some of the fantastic work you have been doing at home on our new topic, you have learnt so much about rivers already! I am glad you are enjoying the videos and loving our new topic as much as I do. I have seen some fantastic writing and river creations. I can't wait to see what else you get up to. smiley

Marvellous Maths!

So far this week I have seen Hannah, Megan, Edwin, Ian, Sophia, Lucas, Charlie and Phoebe's maths work from my video sessions. They have all been working really hard. Great job guys!

Week beginning 20/4/20


Maths Video Sessions

I have received lots of emails this week showing me your work based on my maths videos, it's so good to see what you are getting up to at home. I am glad that you are enjoying the videos, I've had lots of great feedback. I'm sharing some examples of the amazing work I have been sent below, take a look!

English and Topic Video Sessions

It looks as though you have all really enjoyed the start of our new topic. I have received some great emails showing some fantastic pieces of writing about mountains - you should all be very proud of your work this week!


I have been receiving all kinds of emails showing me the variety of different activities you have been getting up to. I know that Charles has been using his gardening skills to create his own bug hotel in his garden - how cool! And Joseph has learnt a lot about Guinea Pigs and how to look after them, he has his own Guinea Pig called Popcorn, how sweet. 

Spring 2 and Easter Holidays


Last updated 20/04/20



At home, lots of you have been continuing to learn about the Romans which is fantastic to see! Joe has created a Roman version of Monopoly - he even researched famous roads, villas and palaces. WOW! Renly has worked really hard to create his presentation, he made a PowerPoint that included lots of information about the Romans, including the Roman Gods! William also created a PowerPoint presentation, he featured some real Roman artefacts that his uncle found, how cool! Sophia's presentation featured Boudica and her famous rebellion as well as a poem about her - wow! Hannah was able to share her fabulous presentation with her grandparents via a Zoom call - how amazing! Phoebe created a great poster that included a labelled drawing of a Roman soldier - awesome! Charlie and his siblings have created their own Roman shields, Charlie researched the design and carefully created his own version. William also created a Roman shield, and I know he is excited for his Roman themed birthday soon! Hannah and Sophia have completed the Romans and Celts comparison, take a look below. 




Lots of you have also been practising your sketching, have a go at my leaf challenge if you haven't already! You could use a realistic style using different shades by pressing hard or light, or you could try the Zentangle method like we did in school. 

Aidan's Dog Sketch Winnie's Leaf Sketch Joe's Zentangle Leaf  

 Aidan, Winnie, Joe, Callum and William's drawings.   


Amazing writing!

Sophia, Edwin, Lara and Jacob have all been working hard on their writing this week. Jacob has created some Kennings and Haiku poems based on a walk in the woods. Lara has written an acrostic poem about daffodils linking to forgiveness. Sophia and Edwin have written some great descriptions based around their senses. 



Easter Challenge!


Charlie has taken on my Easter challenge and has created a vehicle for his egg. He managed to make it move, can you guess which force he had to use to make his vehicle travel? 

Continue sending me emails of the great work you are getting up to at home, and you might get to feature on the website too!


Phoebe has created her own Easter story comic strip - can you see what features she has used? 




I will not be posting new home learning activities during the Easter holidays. If you haven't managed to complete the activities I have uploaded so far, you could try to find some time to do so. But, I would like you to spend this time with your families, enjoying spending time together and playing new games as a family and having FUN, while staying safe!


If you would like to try a family challenge over the holidays - try this! Linking to our forces topic, see if you can create a vehicle that can transport an egg. You will need to think really carefully about how things move, and how you can get your egg from A to B - without breaking it!


To make this a family challenge, you could team up and make it a competition. Or perhaps you could make an obstacle course and race each other! Have fun!


Mental Recall:

  • Revise 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times tables. (Challenge: Learn the division facts as well as the multiplication.)
  • Mental addition of 3-digit numbers and 1-digit numbers. (Challenge: Adding 3-digit and 2-digit numbers and 3-digit and 3-digit numbers.)
  • Practise making numbers 10 times bigger by multiplying by 10. (e.g. 24 x 10 = 240) (Challenge: practise dividing multiples of 10 by 10, e.g. 150 ÷ 10 = 15)


Games that don't require equipment: 

  • Fizz, buzz, fuzz - Count up from 1, say fizz if the number is in the 3 times table, fuzz if it is the 4 times table and buzz if it is in the 5 times table. If you want to challenge yourself, add the word whizz for numbers that are in the 8 times table!
  • Time tables tennis - Create an imaginary game of tennis where you bounce times tables sequences back and forth to each other, to challenge yourself, try going backwards. 
  • Quickfire questions - Ask somebody to ask you rapid fire questions and see how quickly you can answer, see if you can beat the clock or beat an opponent.  
  • Guess my number - ask yes or no questions to try and guess your partner's number. 


  • Board game - Can you create a board game that uses fractions? It could include addition or subtraction of fractions or it could be about finding a fraction of a number or shape!
  • Target 100 - Roll a dice four times to create 2 two-digit numbers, add them together either mentally or using a written method (column addition, a number line or using pictures), try to get your answer as close to 100 as possible. To challenge yourself - increase the target to 1000 and roll the dice six times instead.
  • Follow a recipe - using all the correct measurements! Can you increase or decrease the measurements to make more or less of the product?
  • Play times table bingo using your 3, 4 or 8 times tables.

Useful Links:

3 times tables song:

4 times tables song:

8 times tables song:

Hit the button: 

Daily 10: (Select level 3)

Mental maths train:

TT Rockstars:


Challenge yourself with some Spring themed problems!



Please ensure the children are still reading to an adult every day. Encourage them to discuss the front and back cover of the book before starting (as we do in class). While reading, discuss any unknown words and phrases and ask the children comprehension questions about what they have read so far and what they think might happen next. 


Can you write a sequel for your favourite book, what would happen next? Can you continue to write in the style of the author, using their language and illustrations? ces/libraries-and-archives/other-library-services/libraries-app/library-app.aspx - visit the Hertfordshire Library App where you can download and read a variety of books for free if you have a library card, ensure to get your parents' permission before!


Make a list of questions you would love to ask a character in the book you have read.

Make a list of questions you have about your book, then recommend your book to a friend and see if you can discuss the questions together and answer them when they have read it. 

I know a lot of you enjoy reading David Walliams' books, have you ever looked on his website? What information can you find out about him? Did you know that at 11am each day you can listen to a short story on his website! 


Could you research a different author, can you find their website and find anything interesting about them? 



It would be great if you could keep a diary during your time off, think back to the diary entries we wrote from Livia and Tranio's perspectives, what type of thing could you include in your own diary entry? What was the best part of your day? What are you looking forward to tomorrow? 


Can you write a letter to an elderly relative or your local Care Home? Ask them how they are! Can you tell them about yourself and some of your recent learning in school? I'm sure they would love to find out about the Romans. If your adult at home agrees, you could try to post your letter and see if you get a reply!


Can you remember the rules of a Haiku or a Kennings poem? See if you can write some about our Roman topic, or about nature - what can you see out the window?


Have a go at some descriptive writing using your senses, to extend this activity further, think about your other senses too and add extra paragraphs...


Romans Research Project 

Your challenge is to create a presentation that showcases everything we have learnt about the Romans in Britain. To get you started, here is a link to 30 different BBC bitesize clips about the Romans, can you use them to find some new information?


You will need to think about how you would like to present your work - a powerpoint, poster or a video are just a few ideas...but it is your decision! Think about how you would share your ideas with the rest of the class during your presentation. Each presentation should be no longer than 5 minutes. Can you share your presentation with someone at home? 


Have a go at this Roman and Celts comparison activity, can you sort the statements into the correct boxes? 


Each child has a Fitter Future, TT Rockstars and Language Angels login in the back of their reading record.

Fitter Future:

TT Rockstars:

Language angels:



You can have a go at creating your own science experiments at home. To link with our current topic, you could create an experiment using magnets or using a push, pull or twist force. If you are creating an experiment, ensure you write a prediction and record your results! How can you make sure it is a fair test? Have a look on BBC Bitesize ( our current and past topics - can you find out some more information and try your own experiment? (Remember to always have adult supervision when carrying out an experiment.)


Alternatively, if you attended our school science evening, there were lots of different experiments that you could try at home - from invisible writing to bouncy eggs! You can find the experiments on the school website under the 'Science' tab, if you would like to give them a go.


Create a list of questions you would like to find out the answers to - they could be about magnets, forces, how things work, how things move etc. Can you use a website such as DK Find Out to answer your questions? Have you got any books at home you could use? Can you ask an adult at home if they know the answers? If not, could you teach them? 



Once you have played some of the old tunes in your recorder book, have a go at learning the next new tune.  Each time you meet a new tune, remember to check whether you need to learn a new note.  First practise the fingering for the new note, looking carefully at the diagram in your book.  Make sure you cover all the holes you need tightly with flat fingers and blow gently.  Before you play a new tune say the rhythm using ta, te-te and ta-ar, then have a go at playing the tune slowly.


You can work through the tunes in your book at your own pace but remember to only move onto the next tune once you are feeling confident with the one you have been learning.  Don't worry if there are a few wrong notes when you practise. We all play wrong notes sometimes!  Just enjoy playing and have fun!


Choir members:

Please check the 'School Clubs' section on the website and go to 'Choir' where you can find suggestions for things to be doing at home.



Go into your garden or find an object in your house that you can practise sketching - remember to press really lightly to begin with then build your picture up. Can you use different materials to create different versions of your picture? Can you use the Zentangle sketching method we learnt in class? 



This week's challenge is to carry on sketching, can you find a leaf that looks interesting? Look closely at the patterns and details on the leaf. Use a magnifying glass to get a closer look if you have one. Now have a go at sketching a realistic drawing of the leaf. Include all of the tiny details that you can see. When you have finished, sign your name at the bottom and email it to our class email so I can see! Take a look at mine below... 



See if you can teach your family some French words you have learnt, go onto Language Angels to recap what you have learnt so far. Alternatively, can you challenge yourself to learn some British Sign Language while you are off? What a great skill to have!



It is important that you stay healthy during this time, you should be doing 30 minutes of exercise at home every day! Remember, you can log into Fitter Future at home and complete the home workouts. As you do more workouts, your name will appear on the school leader board so I will be able to see!


Also, each weekday morning at 9am Joe Wicks is completing a home workout for children of all ages to join in with. See if you can take part each day...


The Hertford and Ware School Sport Partnership have created a resource for children to use during this time. You will find a weekly challenge, a skill you can learn at home, an outdoor activity, a movement dance, a quiz and a recommended website.

The link to access the website is: 



During the upcoming weeks in the lead-up to Easter it is important to remember the Easter story. See if you can create a comic strip to show what happened during this time. Can you remember what the different types of bubbles are for in a comic strip? 



If you have access to the Garage Band app at home, see if you can record or create some sound effects, then edit them and see if your family can guess what effect you have used or what sound you were originally making. 


Spring 2

Volcano Artwork
As part of our topic on the Romans we learnt about Mount Vesuvius and how it erupted and destroyed Pompeii. We used our knowledge of the eruption to create some artwork... To make the background, we used red, yellow and orange marbling ink in water. The ink laid on top of the water in a thin layer that we were able to swirl around, we then placed our piece of paper in the water and it absorbed the ink and created a marble pattern. This was to show the lava erupting out of the top of the volcano. We then used the Zentangle method of sketching to create a line drawing of a volcano that included lots of different designs. We attached the pencil drawings onto the marble background to create an effective contrast! Take a look... 
Roman Workshop 

To support our current topic on the Romans, we had a visit from Hertford Museum. During the visit, we were able to see and handle real Roman artefacts found at the Foxholes Farm site in Hertford. We found out about the five corn dryers they found, and coins and weapons that tell us information about the type of Romans who once lived there. We had a great afternoon, and we were even able to try on some togas and tunics!


Chocolate Fractions!
As part of our fractions unit in Maths, we explored sharing a whole into parts using chocolate! We began with one chocolate bar on six different tables and we had to decide which table to sit at depending on which would give us the most chocolate. We soon realised that we needed to be mathematical with our thinking to identify which fraction was bigger. We then moved onto using three tables; one with one bar, one with two bars and one with three bars, this was much more of a challenge as the whole on each table was different. 

Spring 1

Drama Workshop
We took part in an 'Around the World' drama workshop with a company called Perform for Schools. We really enjoyed our session and learnt some fun acting techniques!
Life Bus!
We were lucky enough to visit the Life Bus, while we were there we learnt about our bodies and how different things can help or harm them. We also got to meet Harold the giraffe!
Roman Army Formations!
To begin our 'Rome Wasn't Built in a Day' topic we learnt all about the Roman army and how they helped the Empire to grow. We were able to recreate some Roman army formations and we learnt about the best tactics depending whether you were defending or attacking. 

Taking Science Outside!

To start our science topic of forces and magnets we went into the playground to investigate what forces we could find. We had a great time playing with our playground equipment and testing whether we need to use a push, pull or twist force to make them move!

Autumn 2

Sportshall Festival
We were lucky enough to visit Wodson Park to participate in a Sportshall Festival. We had a great time, and we got to try out some new activities that were really fun! 
Synagogue Visit
We recently visited a Synagogue in Welwyn Garden City. We learnt a lot about Judaism including religious ceremonies, Shabbat and the Torah. We were able to share what we had learnt in school so far and develop that knowledge even more!

Autumn 1

Hand Shadows

In Science this half term our topic has been 'light and shadows'. We have learnt a lot about different light sources and how a shadow is formed. We created our own shadows using our hands, take a look!

Harvest Festival
We attended a Harvest Festival at St Mary's Church. We explored the five different types of Harvest and learnt a lot about each one. 

Academic Year

2018 - 2019

Spring 2

Burwell House!

Here are a few photos from our trip to Burwell House, we had a great time and took part in some really fun activities!

Roman Chariot Race Commentary!

This half term Year 3 have been learning all about the Romans. As part of our English lessons we wrote a commentary for a Roman chariot race (, we used lots of exciting vocabulary and worked really hard to describe what was happening so someone who wasn't watching would know. 


Take a listen and let us know what you think!

Commentary 1

Commentary 2

Commentary 3

Spring 1

Class debate!

As part of our Romans topic we have been looking at the myth of Romulus and Remus. We read the book 'Romulus and Remus and the Stolen Wives' and had a class debate afterwards to discuss whether Romulus was right to kill Remus or not. 


We came up with some fantastic arguments like: 

"Romulus should have given Remus another chance!"

"Remus should not have destroyed the wall"

"Why couldn't they just be friends?"

"Family should always come first!"

"The wall could have just been built again!"


The children were very enthusiastic and enjoyed discussing their ideas!

Autumn 2

Sharing our learning

To finish our 'Meet the Flintstones' topic Year 3 created a museum for Year 6. We became tour guides and showed Year 6 everything we have learnt about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We showed them our explanation texts, comic strips, clay models and lots more that we have been working on in all of our subjects this half term. The Year 6 children were amazed at how knowledgeable we were and they all learnt something new!



Meet the Flintstones

Our new topic is Meet the Flintstones, we have a new reading area to encourage our reading for pleasure! 


So far, we have made our own cave paintings using pastels. We scrunched up the paper to make it look more like a cave wall! The pictures we have drawn tell a story, this is how cavemen communicated. 


We have also been looking at instruction writing in English and have written instructions for how to make a flint arrow for a caveman. 

Autumn 1

O La La!

This half term we have been learning about Europe in our O La La topic. We have learned lots of interesting facts about different countries and we are now experts on landmarks!


We looked at the artist Leonid Afremov, who creates beautiful paintings of landmarks, and tried to recreate some of his work.


We used multicoloured splodges of paint for the background then we carefully drew a silhouette of a European landmark to put in the foreground, take a look at some of our work:

Maths fun!

In maths we have been doing lots of work on addition and subtraction and whether they are commutative, we have been using a variety of maths resources to help with this!
Academic Year 2017 - 18

String printing

To end our O La La topic, we had an afternoon dedicated to Art. As our learning has had a focus on France, we created our own stamps out of string, and string printed the Eiffel Tower. We had a lot of fun thinking about contrasting and complimentary colours.

Outdoor Day

On Monday 21st May, the whole school took their learning outdoors. In Year 3, we spent our Computing lesson as human data on the playground, enjoyed playing instruments in the Music Garden and were very lucky because we cooked bananas on the campfire.

A Reading Area Update

As our topic changed this half term, so did our reading area. It was transformed from Mount Vesuvius into Mont Blanc to fit with our O La La topic.


Year 3 had an amazing time on their trip to Brancaster Activity Centre. Here are some pictures to show the wonderful things that they did whilst they were there.

Forces and Magnets

In science last term, the children were learning about forces and magnets. This meant that they got to complete lots of different scientific investigations, which they really enjoyed. They looked at push, pull and twist forces, made predictions about magnetic materials and tested magnets to find out how strong they were. Here are some pictures of their learning.

Roman Outdoor Day

Year 3 had a great time taking their learning outside the classroom during Roman outdoor day. They played games, learnt marching chants, practised their battle formations and even got to eat their own Roman toast.

Our Reading Area

Mrs May has been very busy creating a great reading area in the year 3 classroom. Last term, to fit with our topic, our reading area was transformed into a cave. The children have really enjoyed sitting the cave to read their books. As our topic has now changed, so has our reading area. Our cave has been transformed into Mount Vesuvius to fit in with our Roman theme.

Meet the Flintstones

Year 3 really enjoyed their topic, Meet the Flintstones, last term. The children worked hard, and learnt a great deal about the Stone Age to the Iron Age. Here are some pictures to show their learning.

Light and Shadows

Last half term Year 3 spent their Science lessons learning about light and shadows. One of their favourite parts of this topic was discovering how shadows are formed.  

Burwell House

Year 3 had an amazing time on their trip to Burwell House. Here are some pictures to show the wonderful things that they did whilst they were there.

Forest School

Year 3 were very fortunate to have the opportunity to combine their love of outdoor learning and their current topic of the Romans by participating in several themed Forest School sessions. The class seemed to particularly enjoy learning Roman marching chants, legionary battle formations and cooking Roman toast over the campfire.  

The Sunshine has arrived and we have been making the most of it by taking more of our learning outside. We have used the quiet garden to look at shadows as part of science, got our brains and bodies moving while applying our knowledge of fractions in maths and used the playground space to rehearse some of our alternative fairytale role play. 

Space to Earth Challenge

As part of a whole school event our class took part in a challenge to run, jog and walk around our school field. We had an enjoyable time and helped the school to raise money towards resurfacing our school playground. We were surprised and excited to find out that between our class and Reception we helped to raise 50% of the total money raised. This means we will have £100 to spend for our class!! :)

We were very excited to go on our first school trip away from home to Brancaster. We enjoyed many activities and were even able to combine our prior learning about the Romans with some of them.
Spring Term
This term we have had a fantastic time learning about the Romans. We worked together to make a class mosaic, looked at Roman foods and houses and had a great time on our Roman outdoor day.

Welcome to our class page. We have enjoyed an exciting half term getting to know each other and our new classroom.

We have thought about what makes a great classmate and decided on some 'class jobs', so we can all contribute to making our classroom a HAPPY place.

Our topic has been focused on forces and magnets. This has involved lots of hands on investigation and exploration! We have made windmills, tested objects on different materials and looked at magnetic and non-magnetic objects.

What can magnets do?

After writing our instructions for a playground game we were able to try them out with the YR1s. This was a great opportunity to see how effective our writing was (some more successful than others) and to introduce some inventive new games. Overall a very positive experience. smiley